Jennifer Lopez And Ralph Fiennes Share Hug At Cipriani has a photo of Jennifer Lopez embracing her ‘Uptown Girl’ co-star Ralph Fiennes on the heels of reports that the pair are an item. The two were snapped after dinner at Cipriani on West Broadway on Tuesday. Fiennes’ rep Catherine Olin insisted that the pair merely had a bite together with a film crew after a day of shooting. In the photo, J.Lo isn’t even looking at Fiennes and could hardly be considered much evidence of a romance.

Jennifer Lopez’s Fame Audit

June 13, 2002 – did a fame audit for Jennifer Lopez today, saying while her fame level is that of Julia Roberts, it only deserves to be at the level of Edie Falco. MMF writes, “It’s her public exploits, much more than her creative output, that have fueled Lopez’s ascent. As recently as 1998, she was just another starlet, a Latina Charlize Theron, desperate enough for exposure to star in a B-movie like ‘Anaconda.’ Then, in 1999, she did something brazen and, frankly, remarkably smart: she concocted a persona and thrust herself front-and-center on the public stage.”

The Ru Report’s Conspiracy Take On J.Lo & Judd Split

June 13, 2002 – Karu Ademame Matulic of shared his take on the recent split between Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd, and he’s broaching the possibility of a publicity stunt conspiracy. A high-ranking music industry veteran seems to agree with him too. Amongst the questions that have them wondering are why Judd had J. Lo’s manager, Benny Medina, posing as Judd’s ‘best man’, why have the engagement party at Morton’s steakhouse on Melrose Place, and why honeymoon at Donatella Versace’s villa.

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