Jennifer Lopez Barks At Ben Affleck For Ogling Christina Aguilera

Globe magazine reports got steamed at fiance Ben Affleck after catching him ogling at the cover of Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Stripped’ while shopping for CDs in Boston. J.Lo barked at her man, “What’s so great about her?!” Ben responded, “She can’t hold a candle to you baby, but I do like her style.”

Downbeat On Tour Possibilities

December 11, 2002 – MuchMusic reports that when Jennifer was asked about touring in support of her latest album, ‘This Was Me…Then’ at the premiere of her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’, she responded: “Everybody has been asking me are you going on tour. It is such a long commitment that I would be away from movies for so long. It is hard to juggle it. I don’t want to cheat one for the other because they are both so important to me.”

‘Maid In Manhattan’ Helped Jennifer Lopez Get Friendlier

December 11, 2002 – Jennifer isn’t as oblivious since playing a maid in ‘Maid in Manhattan.’ She revealed, “When I was staying in Philadelphia, I (spoke) to the maids and the other people who work in the hotel – the concierges and other service people I’d usually zoom by. It gives you an understanding to stop for a second.”

‘Maid In Manhattan’ Is A Movie, Not A Star Vehicle

December 10, 2002 – Revolution Studios principal Joe Roth, whose company produced ‘Maid in Manhattan’ for Columbia Pictures, wanted to make one thing very clear at the premiere of the film on Sunday. “We think we have a movie, not simply a star vehicle,” he said. “I think the movie stands on its own, and I really wanted to let people know that.” The full story at has since been removed.

Now David Letterman Is Engaged

December 10, 2002 – David Letterman, who interviewed Jennifer Lopez last night on the Late Show, joked during his monologue, “I was just backstage talking to J.Lo. She’s on the show tonight and guess what – now I’m engaged!”

Song Written For Jen And Ben

December 10, 2002 – Contributed by Bart_O_o: DiPOP Recording Artist James is best known for his love ballads. Inspired by the recent engagement of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, James has written a custom love song in honor of their upcoming marriage. The full story at has since been removed.

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  1. aron says:

    oh really? if its true.. I can’t blame j.lo for saying that.. Christina Aguilera is so hot!

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