Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Star In A Real Yawner

The New York Post has a photo of yawning from the passenger seat of a car with fiance Ben Affleck on the set of ‘Gigli’, and if the film’s test audiences are any indication, yawning is justified. A spy said the film is so bad, “test audiences walked out halfway through the movie.” J.Lo and Ben were ordered back to the set to do re-shoots, including a car scene on the streets of Los Angeles. Look for the film this summer.

Really Prepped Up For ‘Maid In Manhattan’ Role

January 8, 2003 – The Enquirer reports Jennifer’s prep work for ‘Maid in Manhattan’ wasn’t to actually go clean rooms and scrub toilets, but instead the diva went to a swanky New York hotel and watched a training video showing how maids should clean rooms. She commented while watching the tape, “So that’s how those chocolates get on the pillows each night!”

Drew Barrymore One-Ups

January 7, 2003 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Monday, “Drew Barrymore is getting married for the third time, this time to a member of a rock band. When reached for comment she said, ‘Eat my dust, J.Lo!'”

Jennifer Aniston Tops Jennifer Lopez On ET Hot List

January 7, 2003 – Entertainment Tonight has debuted their Hot List of the Top Celebrities of 2002. Jennifer Aniston topped the list, followed by Jennifer Lopez at #2. Britney Spears took the #9 spot, while Michael Jackson tied with Matt LeBlanc and Nicole Kidman at #10. At #12 was Madonna.

Insiders Worry About Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez In Gambling Capital

January 7, 2003 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports that with word Ben and fiance Jennifer are looking for a home in Las Vegas, insiders are concerned about Affleck living in the gambling capital of America. “Ben’s been known to enjoy himself at the casinos,” says one source. “I hope this isn’t something that could get out of hand.”

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