Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Tried Counseling Before Split

Us Weekly News Director Mark Malkin tells ‘Extra’ their insight on the breakup of and Ben Affleck. He says, “They were actually in counseling to try and make this relationship work. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.” So who is taking the breakup harder? Malkin says that Affleck is. He says, “Since the breakup, Ben has actually been going to casinos, he’s been gambling, hanging out with friends. He’s also been looking to buy a new house in the Los Angeles area.”

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Tried Counseling Before Split

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    The haters are so full of crap. If you were in her position would you want someone asking you about a high profile breakup that happened within the past week? I know I wouldn’t. Leave the girl alone already.

  2. mandysdandy says:

    Like Madonna said Jennifer “courted the media” for publicity shoving that doomed relationship down our throats. Now all of a sudden she’s camera shy. Deal with it honey -you brought this upon yourself.

  3. otownfreak11 says:

    I saw that on Access Hollywood and the guy that was holding J.Lo’s hand said to billy “we good thanks for asking” or something like that….and I don’t really think he jumped over barriers because she walked the red carpet and she was close to all the reporters….if it bothered her so much then what was up with her smile that was plastered on her face…she told the press that she didn’t wanna say anything about the break up and she wasn’t going to walk the red carpet…..her publicist made a statement and she walked the red carpet!!!!! whats up with her?!

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    You are obviously confused…. Walking the red carpet doesn’t mean you’re close to all the reporters, especially at an event like the golden globes. The press line is on one side, and she walked on the opposite side, kind of like across the street, if you will. The smile, what did you expect her to do mope around, and cry the whole way there? Oh, and about her walking the red carpet, that was a way of her showing strength, and commitment to the industry. She was not obligated to talk the press since she wasn’t nominated for anything, there were other presenters that didn’t talk to the press either, they just picked on her because she’s always been one to talk to all the reporters.

  5. mandysdandy says:

    What really irritates me about J.LO is how she constantly creates all this publicity regarding herself and her relationship – i.e. the pink diamond, the stupid video with Ben Affleck, the televised specials with Ben, the song about Ben, etc, etc. Then all of sudden she wants to be private? C’mon! Why be discreet now when you’ve been whoring yourself publicly all along? I respect Eva Mendes’s comment regarding her rumored romance with Matt Damon. When she was asked about the relationship, she shrugged it off and moved on to another topic. She drew attention to her career and not her love life.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    She was IN LOVE with Ben and that’s why she wasn’t afraid to show it. As far as now a break-up is very hard to go through, I guess you’ll find that out when you actually have your first girlfriend and you two break up, and no one likes talking about that, and she knew she was going to get hounded so she stayed away.

  7. cajun diva says:

    There is no real explanation for there breakup evidently or someone is hiding a secret they dont want anyone to know……

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