Jennifer Lopez: Diddy Relationship Was Unhealthy, But Real

The Sun reports has admitted her failed relationship with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs was bad for her health. “For me, it was not a healthy relationship,” she said. “There was a lot of dishonesty which led to its demise. Any love, when it’s mistreated, deteriorates and for me it really deteriorated.” Still, Lopez insists the relationship was real when it still alive. J.Lo insisted, “Say what you want about my relationship with Mr. Combs but there was a lot of love there. He will tell you that.”

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Go Jewelry Shopping

January 6, 2003 – Jennifer and fiance Ben were spotted spending more than an hour at the famous Bal Harbour Mall in a jewelery shop in Miami earlier today looking for their wedding ring. She couldn’t decide and left happily with some 24k emerald diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez Hires A Tutor To Teach Ben Spanish

January 6, 2003 – Star magazine reports Jennifer has decided she wants her fiance Ben Affleck to learn Spanish. J.Lo has hired a tutor to teach him three days a week, hoping he’ll be able to join in on conversations when they visit the family.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Searching For Vegas Pad

January 6, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports Jennifer and Ben reportedly made inquiries to Jay Heller of Heller Companies on South Valley View Boulevard about homes in the Lake Las Vegas area, which is already home to fellow diva Celine Dion and hubby Rene Angelil.

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