Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Like Madonna’s VMA Concept

Us Weekly has details on why Jennifer Lopez backed out the the opportunity of performing with Britney Spears and Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, after having a meeting with the pair on August 16th. An insider said, “Jennifer didn’t want to be in a goofy wedding dress two weeks before her wedding.” The other reason? J.Lo “didn’t like the concept. Jennifer Lopez is no longer a backup dancer!”

Ben And J.Lo To Write Their Own Vows

6, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Some good news, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are getting married September 14th. Very happy for them. [Applause] They’re going to write their own vows. Yeah. See, since ‘Gigli’, they don’t trust writers anymore.”

Jen And Ben Aim To Deflate Paparazzi Big Money Hopes

5, 2003 – Us Weekly’s Ken Baker tells Access Hollywood he expects Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to deflate the photo frenzy for their upcoming wedding, reportedly occurring next weekend, by copying Paul McCartney’s wedding day. “I have spoken to people who are close Ben and Jen and they tell me that their model for their wedding is going to be Paul McCartney with his last wedding,” revealed Baker. “He just came out before the wedding and said, ‘We are getting married, take pictures of us, we are going to release photos and everyone can just chill out.'”

Jennifer Lopez Dumps Pals For Marital Advice

5, 2003 – The National Enquirer reports Jennifer got upset with a couple of friends of hers when they questioned her plans to marry Ben Affleck. The singer and actress told them to lose her number and never call her again.

Ben And Jen Wedding Bigger Than Their Box Office

September 5, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “MSNBC is reporting that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are getting married on September 14th. As you know, she has never been married in September before. Big wedding. 400 guests. That’s twice as many people saw the movie ‘Gigli’.”

Britney & Madonna Kiss To Be Renamed ‘Freedom Kiss’?

September 5, 2003 – Andy Borowitz was on CNN’s American Morning this morning and joked about the current diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and France. “Well, I think we’re making nice with Europe,” Borowitz said. “I mean, this week Rumsfeld gave France credit for the kiss that Britney Spears gave Madonna, and I thought that was a big step.” Host Bill Hemmer responded, “Oh yes, they’re going to rename that, I think, maybe the freedom kiss?”

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10 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Like Madonna’s VMA Concept

  1. Carrie says:

    Thank God she didn’t perform that awful gig. It’s like putting yourself down – lip locking with Madonna and playing a part like she’s less famous than Madonna. I would of thought it awful and scandalous in the light of all her recent troubles with her idiot boyfriend.

  2. MariahsMan says:

    More proof that she thinks she’s better than other people. Does she really think she’s hurting Madonna’s feelings by saying this stuff?? Or even Britney and Christina’s feelings? Madonna is a legend, Christina can sing 100 times better than her, and Britney is 100 times more beautiful than her…trust me J Lo, they don’t care! The sad part is…she probably wasn’t even asked to perform.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Oh puh-leez!! What did dancing have to do with anything? That seemed like an excuse to me, lol. But anyways, okay J.Lo didn’t want to perform with Britney and Madonna, and she NEVER did, so why are they continuously restating and re-quoting everything about J.lo’s dismissed performance!!! IT’S OVER.

  4. leodude666 says:

    Haha! Someone said that she’s more famous than Madonna!! OMG that is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. How many albums has Jlo had? Um…4! Madonna…16! How long has Jlo been around? 4 years! Madonna…20! Don’t get me wrong I love J.Lo but she has got at least a decade before she’s as famous as Madonna.

  5. nick_carters_girl says:

    ok people.. don’t get me wrong..i LOVE Brit, Christina and Madonna..and j.lo too BUT…j.lo is extremely classy..(I’m not saying that Brit, Christina or Madonna aren’t)…but j.lo is really different from the 3 of them…j.lo is Latina..her style is just different from everyone else’s….i just can’t picture her singing “like a virgin”, being in a wedding dress right before her wedding..and also kissing Madonna…really, who could picture j.lo there?.. I don’t think anyone can..she just wouldn’t fit in.. j.lo’s in another league.. REMEMBER: I LOVE Brit, Madonna & xtina.. I’m dissing any one of them.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    I know what you mean nick_carters_girl. I am not a fan of Brit and Xtina, definitely an admirer of Madonna, and J.lo is pretty cool, not a fan of her or anything, but yeah, I can’t picture j.lo being in the performance anyway. She’s way more classy, and j.lo wouldn’t go that low to get the media’s attention.

    OMG! lol. Why in the world are they constantly comparing J.Lo to singers that have been here much longer than her, sold more records, achieved more success, and more recognition than she’s ever had in her whole career!! I mean J.lo is talented and all but c’mon!! First it was Mariah, then Beyonce, then Toni Braxton, and now Madonna! Who are they gonna compare her to next, Barbra Streisand? I mean seriously, just because J.lo has a big ass and is pretty talented doesn’t mean she’s a legend. All these artists they are comparing her don’t deserve to be compared to J.Lo, they have a lot of power owned to their name, J.Lo is not even close to any of their statuses. And c’mon, in terms of talent and longevity, these artists have stood the test of time in their own right, and J.Lo has tons of years to go before she can be compared to anybody. Oh and also, why are all of a sudden they are comparing J.Lo to Madonna? The last time I heard J.Lo doing something in the public eye was her movie flop Gigli. What else has she done to get such an honor to be compared to Madonna? Did she release an album lately that resembled Madonna’s Ray of Light or something that I haven’t heard before? I just don’t get it, they need to stop comparing J.Lo to all these legends and about-to-be legends, she’s talented and all, but jeez, she’s not THAT talented.

    But then wouldn’t that made her look more desperate to get back the attention she had before Gigli? I think it was best that she didn’t do it. The media would REALLY be all over her, and ask Ben so many questions about the kiss more than the media asks Britney about kissing Madonna, and attention about whether or not the wedding would be on after the kiss would definitely make everything into such a disaster for them both!! I think J.Lo has more class than that. Sure, she’s not the most talented actress in the world and doesn’t have all of a great voice, but she’s has SOME talent and enough confidence to her name. She doesn’t need to take advantage of her talent on stage by using ridiculous and unnecessary sex stunts to get attention.

  7. mitzim says:

    Okay, some of you guys are on crack! That Madonna/Christina/Britney/Missy Elliott performance was the hottest one in years! Each one of those women were fabulous. Jennifer may have turned down the performance but in all reality she’s the one that missed out. Things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to. Britney danced her ass off, Christina sung her ass off, Missy brought the house down and Madonna was once again the Queen! The entire Radio City Music Hall was on their feet. EMINEM was clapping and smiling for Christina and Britney before Madonna even came out! If you don’t believe me download the video clip and watch it. On another tip, if the truth be told, Jennifer decided not to perform or come to the show because Chris Rock made it known that he was going to be merciless in his attacks on J.Lo and her man-jumping-marriage habits. With this being the case doesn’t it make sense that she wouldn’t want to come on stage in a wedding dress! She would get cracked on for days!

  8. kaoticgurl says:

    I think that Brit, xtina, and Madonna all suck. I’m so happy that j lo didn’t sink down too their slutty level. thank god for that. j lo is a real artist, and she doesn’t need to sing with all those whores. as for her career falling fast, that’s sh*t. j lo rocks. and that’s all there is to it., so shut your f***in mouth.

  9. FaustoAguilera says:

    What an ungrateful woman. First she denies that she was ever asked and now she’s flapping her lips about how she didn’t want to do it. This stupid whore always tries to act like she’s so much better than everyone else. She’ll never be as big or as talented as Madonna in a million years.

  10. hellahooked says:

    Jennifer classy??? LOL how funny I still get freaked out when I hear the name jlo… I was on Google once looking for a picture of her cause my friend is obsessed idiot. To my surprise I see Jennifer naked with her BIG UGLY ASS sticking out.. eww disgusting.

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