Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Consider Marc Anthony Her Boyfriend

Spies tell The New York Post that Jennifer Lopez is not considering fellow singer Marc Anthony to be her boyfriend. “Jennifer does not consider him to be her boyfriend,” an insider revealed. “The joke in her camp is ‘Marc’s not her boyfriend, but don’t tell him that!'”

Jennifer Lopez Looks To Ditch Her ‘Diva’ Image

March 30, 2004 – The New York Post reports Jennifer’s handlers are orchestrating low-key and low-maintenance public appearances for her to show her softer, funnier side, including this weekend’s Nickelodeon’s ‘Kids Choice Awards’, where she’ll be getting slimed. The singer/actress has also convinced her high-maintenance hair man Oribe to no longer throw fits or demand limos, airplanes and $20,000 a day. “There have been no high-diva demands,” a source explained. “There will be no more absurd requests for white lilies in her rooms, 600-thread-count sheets in her hotel rooms or anything like that. She really is just a normal girl.”

Mini Jennifer Lopez?

March 29, 2004 – 9-year-old Raquel Castro talked with ‘Today’ host Katie Couric about her movie debut with Ben Affleck and Jennifer in ‘Jersey Girl’. Castro talked about first meeting her idol J.Lo and singing for her. Castro added that she wants to have a recording career too, becoming a “mini J.Lo”. has since removed the interview.

Britney Spears Trumps Jennifer Lopez Paparazzi Interest

March 28, 2004 – According to the Toronto Star, Britney and Jennifer were feverishly nightclubbing in Miami on Friday (March 26) at opposite ends of town. The paparazzi were hot after Spears. None of the shooters decamped to snap J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez – One of Best Parts of ‘Jersey Girl’

March 27, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Palm Bach Post reviewed Jennifer and Ben Affleck’s new movie ‘Jersey Girl’. Leslie Gray Streeter writes: “Surprise! Jennifer Lopez is actually one of the best things about ‘Jersey Girl’, because in the teensy screen time she’s allowed, she gives Gertie an actual personality and a sweetly strong spirit that makes you root for her, even when you figure she must be doomed. And doomed, she certainly is.”

If President Bush Was A Girl

March 26, 2004 – With the help of Photoshop, has a flash animation of President Bush as a girl — using the bodies of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, and more. Check it out here.

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