Jennifer Lopez Expands Her Empire With Launch Of ‘Still’

Contributed by lopez_lover:

Forbes recently ranked her number five on their list of the wealthiest and most powerful celebrities. She’s the first female artist to top both the U.S. charts and box office in the same week. Last year, her fragrance Glow by J.Lo was one of the top selling perfumes in the world. And now, is expanding her empire by adding another fragrance “Still Jennifer Lopez” – and talking exclusively about how she develops her perfume ranges, her vision of beauty and how they reflect her personality. Developed in partnership with Lancaster Group, Still Jennifer Lopez launches across the United States on October 31st. The trick for this Halloween treat is to offer her fans a more sensual and sophisticated fragrance.

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Expands Her Empire With Launch Of ‘Still’

  1. Dominicano1197 says:

    She probably screwed someone for that spot, because that bitch has had FLOP after FLOP this year!

  2. looker says:

    Um Lopez Lover you to mention a couple of things in your post about Jenny’s wonderful life. 1. She made one of the worst movies ever made , that turd called Gigli which only adds to a long list of crappy films including such forgettable trash as Anaconda and Maid in Manhattan. 2. Her failed marriage, the second and her high profile dysfunctional relationships. 3. Her failure to sing once in public without lip-syncing.

  3. SuGaSuGa says:

    ‘Still’ By Jennifer Lopez was released in Australia at least 8 weeks ago, and I wear it all the time. Although it isn’t as good as I expected, I may still have to get used to it, but Glow is much much better. There has been very little advertising or promotion for it here, I hope it goes well in the U.S!

  4. crunked says:

    J.Lo isn’t just a sex whore, she’s a money whore as well!

  5. SuGaSuGa says:

    Why bother wasting peoples times with stupid comments. If I were rich and famous for whatever reason, Id be picky and trying to secure my future as well. Why can’t everyone let the celebrities have their fun without all this BS. How many women out there wouldn’t love a fragrance with their name on it? I know I would. Ease up girls and boys! Its boring to come on here and read nasty comments!

  6. joxee says:

    Let her do what she wanted. It’s her life the only thing you could ever do is, don’t buy her album, watch her movie, and buy her products that she’s been making. In short, don’t waste your time and money for the craps she’s doing and let her fans waste their time and money to keep her rich and on top.

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