Jennifer Lopez Forgives Hairdresser Oribe

The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez has forgiven her longtime pal and hairdresser Oribe for throwing a hissyfit last week at the junket for ‘Maid in Manhattan.’ He was on hand for the premiere’s after party at the Rainbow Room and explained, “We are back together. It was nothing. A misunderstanding.”

Jennifer Lopez Hopes The Movie Sells Itself

December 10, 2002 – Access Hollywood caught up with Jennifer on the red carpet of her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and asked if she thought all this fever about her engagement to Ben Affleck would help sell a few movie tickets. Jennifer responded, “I hope that the movie will kind of sell the tickets. It’s a great romantic comedy and we’re hoping for the best. But I know it’s a crazy season out there with ‘Lord of the Rings’ and all the other movies coming out, but we have a nice movie here.”

Jennifer Lopez At ‘Maid In Manhattan’ Premiere

December 10, 2002 – Extra TV caught up with Jennifer at the premiere of her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ after her fiance Ben Affleck headed into the theater. They even got J.Lo to bark like a seal. Video has since been removed.

Booker Gets ET Gig For Dating Jennifer Lopez’s Sister

December 10, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight has been having a jobs program to get an inside track to Jennifer. Not only have they had Lynda Lopez interview J.Lo, but now Lynda’s boyfriend Chris Booker has been added to the ET payroll.

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her Ex Husbands

December 9, 2002 – Jennifer stopped by the Hot 97 studios in New York to speak with Funk Flex about her new album ‘This Is Me… Then’. J.Lo says fiance Ben Affleck liked doing the ‘Jenny From The Block’ video. They talked about her clothing line, the restaurant, and business interests. As for Ojani Noa’s Star magazine story — “He’s crazy.” She added, “I think people get to a point in their lives that things aren’t going right for them so, how can I make a little cash?” But Lopez says “I really have nothing bad to say about him,” but “he has to live with himself.”

As for second husband Cris Judd, Lopez says “We’re friends. We remain friends. We tried to do everything real smooth and easy.” She talked about how Judd now has notoriety that continues even though he doesn’t have his own image. Flex laughed about him and thought it was funny he’s still doing choreography. She says, “Cris is a really, really good man.” Audio has since been removed.

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