Jennifer Lopez Furious Over ICM Damage Control

The New York Post reports is furious over ICM honcho Ed Limato leaking a memo to Variety that he had dropped her, when truth be told it was the other way around. “Jennifer originally was represented at ICM by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas,” a Lopez pal said. “But Elaine left two years ago to head up Julia Roberts’ production company. When Elaine left, ICM put her with Risa Shapiro.” That has left Lopez with less than desirable scripts, causing J.Lo to put Limato on notice. ICM tried to retain Lopez, even offering to drop their fee. “They were so intent on keeping Jennifer that they even dropped their rates – an unprecedented move – to 5 percent,” the pal said. Normal agent fees are 10 percent.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Furious Over ICM Damage Control

  1. joxe says:

    I think you’re such a b*itch, if the script isn’t good for you then don’t take it, don’t do the movie and tell us that it’s not and it’s not your fault cause ICM didn’t gave you a good quality script or whatsoever s*hit you are complaining. admit the fact you are not a good actress, that’s why well known directors and scriptwriters doesn’t work with you.

    besides you still have the lasts decision if you want to do the movie or not! you are just to happy to accept the script and do the movie and if it didn’t work out you blame people when you should blame it to yourself, if you are a good actress, you could carry a movie even if it’s a bad script or not!

    you have done so many movies with ICM as your agent why complain now? maybe because you think that your singing career might be over?

    one more thing why did Elaine left you just to be with Julia’s production company?

    maybe she can’t stand you anymore

  2. phantom says:

    these production companies should stop stooping to her level, she doesn’t deserve it. and she should shut the heck up too since she’s not as big as she thinks she is in both music, dance and movies!

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