Jennifer Lopez Furious Over Wedding Leak; Hunting Down Source

The Sun reports that following the crushing postponement of her wedding to Ben Affleck, a furious Jennifer Lopez is determined to find which of her staff revealed the plans of their Santa Barbara nuptials. “She is absolutely furious,” the source said. “She knows it had to be someone near the top of the pyramid because of the detail – it was not the kind of stuff a waiter would know. There is a witch-hunt on to find out who it was. Even the guests didn’t know until two days ago where the wedding was taking place.”

Hard Rock Hotel To Give Jen And Ben A Ferrari?

September 10, 2003 – The Las Vegas Sun reports that The Hard Rock Hotel is getting Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a wedding present. “Yes, we have done something for them,” a hotel source revealed. “We will present it to them on their next visit.” While he wouldn’t disclose what the gift was, one rumor has it that they will be receiving a fire-engine red Ferrari.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Furious Over Wedding Leak; Hunting Down Source

  1. mitzim says:

    There’s really no need for them to postpone it again. The media bound to find out. They should just do it and get it over with if they’re in love. I’m quite sure they’ll have enough security.

  2. iluvpopdirt says:

    Dancing on water? Is this a wedding or a movie? Get real. This is husband number three, J-Ho! Try to concentrate on the marriage, not the Hollywood production.

  3. OohSexxy says:

    J.lo is so ridiculous I’m going to feel sorry for them when this doesn’t last, I hear she wanted this to be the biggest and best of her last 2 weddings and she wanted everything to be just perfect as if this is going to end “happily ever after” I’m so sick of these two all day every day Bennifer this that wedding of there year BLAH like I say who are these two King and Queen? I’m kinda upset that the wedding is postpone this means more TORTURE!

  4. YogiBear says:


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