Jennifer Lopez Gets Dirty To Out-Sex Rival Divas

The Globe reports Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming nipple-bearing video for ‘Jenny From The Block’ is the singer’s bid to out-shock rivals like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey. “Jennifer is determined to be the sexiest singer in the world,” said a source close to J.Lo. “She’ll go to any lengths to make sure she has the hottest image in the business.” A music industry source explained, “Sex sells and they know they have to be the hottest in the business to stay at the top.” The music honcho added, “Image is everything and Jennifer is making sure she’s pop’s sex queen. There’s no telling where it will all end – perhaps Jennifer will get completely naked for her next video.”

No Baby Before Marriage For

November 5, 2002 – WENN reports Jennifer is laughing off claims she’s pregnant with boyfriend Ben Affleck’s baby. “I always wanted to be married and have children, so if I want kids I will have to get married again,” she said. “I’m not conscious of my body clock yet – I have got a few years left. But I want a family – I think you start feeling that at a certain point. There have been a few stirrings in the past few years. A baby would be a big blessing in my life. It would absolutely be worth the sacrifice.”

J.Lo Exploits Roots For ‘Street’ Image Say Bronx Residents

November 4, 2002 – Farrah Weinstein of the New York Post visited the Bronx neighborhood grew up in and recently taped an interview with Diane Sawyer at, and the residents say “J.Ho” is anything but ‘Jenny From The Block.’ For the cameras, she visited the Holy Family Catholic school she attended as a child, stopped across the street at the yellow house where she used to dance for her parents in the living room and stopped in at the Crossbronx pizza shop on the corner. Bodyguards shoved excited kids out of her way, residents said, leaving one tiny fan in tears. “The kids were cursing at J.Lo because she wouldn’t acknowledge them,” says Emily Estevez. “These are the kids that beg their parents to go see her movies, buy her CDs, her perfume, her clothes. These are the ones that put her where she is today.”

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