Jennifer Lopez Goes On A Cigar Shopping Trip In Vegas

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Hi, I work in shop as a cigar clerk in an upscale cigar shop in Vegas near the Hard Rock Cafe and I don’t want my name revealed, I risk my job over this. Shortly after new years I was working the graveyard shift and a woman came asking me if we could close the store for a little bit, the person she was dealing with wanted to come and shop around for a bit. After she told me who it was I agreed to close the store for a little bit if she came.

To my surprise it wasn’t a joke and she came back with Jennifer Lopez, who was very nice and courteous by the way, on top of being stunning in the pink outfit she had on. She sampled a few cigars that we selected for her, she wanted to try mostly large but really mild ones, since she told us she wasn’t a seasoned cigar smoker, which was pretty obvious by the way she lit them, not toasting them before for instance.

She settled on a handful of nice Macanudos, which were given to and paid by her assistant and then picked up 2 boxes of them that we shipped the morning after to Miami and Los Angeles.

After that while she was smoking the cigar she last lit she looked at our lighters on display for a while and asked us for a catalog. Her assistant told her something along the lines of “Do you think he’ll offer you one ?” to which she replied laughing showing her the cigar she was smoking “What do you think ?”

She then puffed on it a last time and left if in the ashtray on the counter and left, followed by her assistant who told me she would appreciate if I didn’t tell anything to anyone.

I’ve seen a handful of celebrities coming in for cigars but J.Lo is the one I least expected.

Benny Medina Gives His Best Wishes

January 2, 2004 – The Las Vegas Sun spoke with Jennifer’s ex-manager who has perhaps been rehired at the Hard Rock Hotel on Tuesday night, where both were in the same building. Their cross lawsuits were recently withdrawn, and Medina had nothing but kind words for Lopez. “I wish her nothing but the best both professionally and personally,” Medina said.

Learning To Stomach Ben’s Gambling Habit

January 2, 2004 – The New York Post reports that Jennifer escorted Ben Affleck and his pal Matt Damon for an all-night poker game at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on Tuesday (December 30). Lopez, who had in the past disliked Ben’s gambling habit, even smiled and cooed for the cameras when she won a hand. The couple joined J.Lo’s sister Lynda, her boyfriend Chris Booker, Nicky and Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Shannon Elizabeth for the premiere performance of ‘Jeff Beacher’s Comedy Madhouse’ in the Hard Rock’s The Joint club before the poker festivities.

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  1. pl says:

    That’s funny that celebrities have these activities they do all over the media!

  2. pl says:

    That’s crazy!! They have the image that they’re perfect!!

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