Jennifer Lopez Has No Hard Feelings For Adrienne Bailon

A rep for 3LW tells Us Weekly that has accepted the apology of Adrienne Bailon after she was on Soul Train sporting a ‘J. Ho’ tank top. Lopez is sending them official clothes to wear for free to replace the offending shirt. “We gave them sizes,” the rep says, “and we’re waiting for the gear.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Pal Says Ojani Noa Is ‘An Embarrassment’

December 9, 2002 – A friend of both Jennifer and her first husband Ojani Noa says J.Lo ain’t happy about Noa selling his story to Star magazine after getting canned from her restaurant Madre’s. “She’s so nice to him,” the pal told Us Weekly. “It’s terrible. He’s an embarrassment.” As for J.Lo dumping her hairstylist Oribe, another pal explained “he said some offensive things to [a Columbia Pictures employee] in a hissy fit he threw because he didn’t have a car to take him to the ‘Maid in Manhattan’ press junket.” The source added, “Jennifer just doesn’t tolerate that divalike behavior.”

Regrets Engagement Announcement

December 9, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: Wearing a short, creamy Chanel dress “and some top I picked up at The Gap”, Jennifer prefers to laugh off all those recent engagement stories. Announcing her marriage plans on national television, there is a hint of regret that she chose that platform to tell the world that she is engaged to one Ben Affleck. With her cover on a recent issue of the tabloid rag US Weekly staring at her, Lopez laughs at the ‘Proposals’ headline that has now dogged her since her true confessions went to air across America and around the world. “Just like any other person in the world, when you’re happy you’re gonna talk about things, like a girl. I’m a girl, forgive me, so I want to share things, you want to tell everybody, you just want to shout up at the rooftops, then after I did it I was like: What was I thinking?”

Read more of this exclusive interview with Teen Scene Magazine where the singer/actress discusses her new album, movie, and her man. Plus, she talks about their plans of a wedding and a family!

‘Manhattan’ Gives Jennifer Lopez Newfound Respect For Maids

December 8, 2002 – Contributed by skiplest: MTV News reports that Jennifer has a new respect for maids after filming ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and says the training rubbed off on her. “I’m a very neat person, OK? I don’t need maids in Manhattan to teach me how to clean my house.” she says.

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