Jennifer Lopez: ‘Idol’ Helps People Know Who I Really Am

Jennifer Lopez Fabulous

This week’s Fabulous cover star is Jennifer Lopez. The 41-year-old acknowledged that she’s had the reputation of a diva, but her stint on ‘American Idol’ has meant she’s relatable to viewers again. “I’ve only recently realized that people didn’t see me as a normal person – I was never aware that no one really knew who I was,” J.Lo explained. “Now viewers can see that I’m emotional and human.” Lopez also said the the secret to her successful marriage to husband Marc Antony is that “We keep the passion alive in the old-fashioned way.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez: ‘Idol’ Helps People Know Who I Really Am

  1. menchie palma hagihara says:

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  2. Prasad manjrekar says:

    Prasad manjrekar, I am fan of jenifer lofez i want to meet personaly.with regards.

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