Jennifer Lopez Is The Proper Focus Of ‘Maid In Manhattan’

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe reviewed the starring ‘Maid in Manhattan’ proclaiming it is a “good movie.” While admitting Ralph Fiennes love object character is the film’s weakest link, Burr said, “Anyway, his character can afford to be blurry. Does anyone ever care what Prince Charming is really like? It’s Lopez who’s the proper focus of this dream. So intent has she been on becoming a superstar in the past few years that many people have forgotten that, given decent material, she can act.”

Concert Helps ‘Today’ Stay On Top

December 13, 2002 – Contributed by Bart_O_o: NBC News’ ‘Today’ once again outperformed the competition during the week of December 2 -8. This week’s win marks seven straight years of winning in homes and persons 2. The Friday, December 6 show, with the Jennifer concert, was ‘Today’s’ best delivery for a single day this season among total viewers and tied for its best delivery among adults 25-54.

‘Maid In Manhattan’-Like Fairy Tales Are Forever

December 13, 2002 – caught up with to talk about her new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and asked her if she worried whether movie crowds are too tough to watch a fairy-tale story like this. “Oh, God, it would be a sad day if that were true, I think. No, I think fairy tales are forever, no? I hope so!” The film is in movie theaters today.

Jennifer Lopez Showcases Ample Behind In ‘Maid In Manhattan’

December 13, 2002 – Jack Mathews of the New York Daily News reviewed Jennifer’s new film ‘Maid in Manhattan’ giving the film 2 stars. Mathews writes, “Lopez fans are likely to love her in this role. The Bronx Bombshell appears very comfortable playing the dressed-down maid – after all, she has the killer glam scenes coming later. She’s also more comfortable using her ample behind as a tease. Where she used to try to hide it onscreen (talk about ignoring the elephant in the room), she now showcases it so deliberately, it’s hard to ignore.”

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