Jennifer Lopez Keeps It Professional On Movie Set

WENN reports finds it ridiculous that people thought she was having an affair with Ralph Fiennes while filming ‘Maid in Manhattan’, because she’s far too professional to sleep with co-stars. “I’ve done a lot of movies and I haven’t ever been involved with one of my co-stars,” J.Lo insisted. “Even during ‘Gigli’, Ben and I just worked together. I don’t have any trouble keeping it professional. Ralph is obviously a very handsome and appealing man, but I didn’t touch it.”

And Ben Affleck Understand Each Other

December 13, 2002 – Jennifer tells Lynn Barker of that she and fiance Ben Affleck have a very simple connection. “You know we just have a lot in common. We understand each other,” she said. “I think we want similar things and he’s a wonderful person. I think that people put us in categories because of our partners before. We’re all growing and evolving people always. Everyone is searching for their place. Along the way you wind up in learning experiences that are good for you. I feel very strongly that this is the right place for me.” The full interview at has since been removed.

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