Jennifer Lopez Likes To Walk Around In The Nude

The Guardian reports likes to walk around her home in the nude, in a habit that began in her childhood. “I grew up like that with my mom and sisters. I’ll be sitting at breakfast and everyone around will be dressed except me,” she revealed.

Advised To Stay Away From Ballads

April 29, 2002 – Jim Farber of the New York Daily News sounded off on Jennifer Lopez’s new single ‘Alive’ – which is the theme song to Lopez’s new film ‘Enough’, due out in theaters on May 24th. Farber warns, “If you’ve got the pipes of a toy poodle, don’t risk bringing the microphone close enough to underscore it. Stick with dance tracks, where the beat can overwhelm you, or R&B-tinged hip-hop tracks, where pop fans are simply relieved you can carry a tune better than the rapper.”

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘J.Lo’ Moniker Just For The Album

April 30, 2002 – Jennifer tells interviewer Sean Daly that she may stop using her J.Lo nickname soon. While saying it was “fun”, Lopez added, “But I think people will get back to [calling me] Jennifer eventually. Once the next album comes out, it’s again.”

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