Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Makeout At ‘Man On Fire’ Premiere

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Jennifer Lopez continued her tradition of bringing her romance out in the public following boyfriend to the premiere of ‘Man On Fire’. “For some reason, when it comes to her men, Jennifer can’t go too long …keeping them under wraps,” a friend of the diva remarked. Though they arrived separately, spies say the couple were seen smooching in the back of the theater, leading more than one wag to quip, “some people were watching them more than the movie!”

Jennifer Lopez And Closer To Taking Romance Public

April 20, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports despite and Jennifer’s staggered arrivals to the premiere of ‘Man on Fire’ in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 18), Lopez and Anthony left together, skipping the official after-party to have dinner elsewhere. “They were all over each other,” a spy revealed. Neither of them would take press questions about their personal lives while on the red carpet. The two were also inseparable last week in New York, where they stayed at the Peninsula Hotel.

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6 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Makeout At ‘Man On Fire’ Premiere

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    My friend who doesn’t like her music, was listening to it with me the other day and he was quite taken back. I think the Latin influence on that album really made it exceptional. After that she tried to get more R&B and it worked for some, but fans of her dance days didn’t appreciate it. I love her music either way, she makes a lot of music that’s easy to dance to and have fun to.

  2. pdirrty says:

    Unfortunately for women, once they turn 30 their fertility level goes off a cliff. So a lot feel desperate to “get married” with this clock ticking. She’s always said she wanted kids, and it seems Marc has always had a thing for her, so it probably seems like a safe long-term option after dealing with Ben and his immaturity. I hope it works out — it may not be the smartest thing to rush into but you can understand where she’s coming from.

  3. keepthepeace says:

    She’s married 2 times and she’s a hoe?!?!Julia Roberts has been married twice same with Drew Barrymore and Janet Jackson and Carmen Electra and there not called hoes?Just because she can get men very easily doesn’t mean she needs therapy.She obviously isn’t like most women who after a break up sit around and feel sorry for themselves she moves on and cherishes the memories.She’s a big girl she can make her own decisions.

  4. divalamb says:

    Jennifer just needs to learn how to live without a man. She can’t be alone for more than a couple of weeks without finding some guy to hook up with. It shows how insecure she is with herself. She needs to just chill out by herself and really think about the guys she is getting with. If she just wants to have fun and date around that’s cool but don’t get so f**king attached to every man you meet.

  5. Carrie says:

    I like Marc but I wish she would not have moved this quickly. This woman knows Ben’s an ass but she loves him. She’s still wearing the damn pink ring. What’s that about – everlasting devotion but she needs someone so she’s loving the one she’s with. Can somebody straighten her head out.

  6. keepthepeace says:

    Jennifer has said it herself…she has never like being alone.Why would she change that now?I don’t think she’s insecure at all.Obviously she can sing because she has 4 platinum albums and can act because all of the movies that she’s filmed (this year and last year) are Oscar potential.If you don’t believe me go to and see who is under best actress.

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