Jennifer Lopez Misses Gwyneth At VH1/Vogue Show

WENN reports Jennifer Lopez missed bumping into love rival Gwyneth Paltrow at Tuesday night’s VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards – because the Oscar-winning actress is mourning the death of her father Bruce. Both beauties were honored at the star-studded ceremony in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Lopez picked up “Most Influential Star of the Year” title, while Gwyneth was applauded for her premiere outfits with the “Red Carpet” award. But Lopez, who is now dating Paltrow’s ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck was spared any awkward moments with Paltrow.

VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards Highlights

October 17, 2002 – The VH1-Vogue Fashion Awards were held Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall. Lynda Lopez of WNBC was there to check out all the styles. She spoke with Tommy Lee on the red carpet, and they showed clips of Eve accepting her award and Michelle Branch performing for the first time live with Santana. Lynda joked afterwards about wearing J.Lo jeans to the event, because her sister Jennifer Lopez gives her more free clothes than any other designer. Video has since been removed.

Lopez Really Did Design The Jennifer Love Ben Plate

October 17, 2002 – Access Hollywood caught up with Jennifer Lopez at the VH1/Vogue Fashion show in New York on Tuesday (October 1). Asked if J.Lo really did designed that “Ben & Jen” plate for the Carousel of Hope auction, she responded, “Of course I did. I wouldn’t send something to charity I didn’t do.” Billy Bush commented, “Fashion, movies, and now artiste.” Lopez agreed, “Yes, “artiste.”

Jennifer Lopez Stresses Diversity In Fashion

October 17, 2002 – Jennifer walked away with the award for “Most Influential Artist of the Year” at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards on Tuesday. Backstage, Jennifer told Extra TV that the well-dressed diva stresses diversity. She says, “It’s always been a mix of where I’m from – urban stuff, and hip-hop stuff, to sexy feminine stuff, to all kinds of different things.”

Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Hot At VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards

October 17, 2002 – The VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards were held Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall. The WB’s Emily Frances talked with Lucky magazine’s Tia Williams about who was hot and who simply was not — Tia thinks Jennifer was not. Video has since been removed.

Lopez Auctions Jennifer Loves Ben Plate

October 16, 2002 – The Boston Herald reports Jennifer Lopez painted a plate to be auctioned off at the October 15th Carousel of Hope Ball, a fund raiser in Los Angeles for juvenile diabetes research. The plate reads “Jennifer (Hearts) Ben,” of course referring to rumored fiance Ben Affleck.

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