Jennifer Lopez More Concerned With Appearance Than Performance

Amy Amatangelo of the Boston Herald reviewed Jennifer Lopez’s new film ‘Enough’, giving it two out of four stars. Amy said Lopez gave a “perfectly perfunctory performance” but on the downside added, “As bizarre as this may sound, Lopez is somewhat reminiscent of a latter-day Barbra Streisand. She seems more concerned with her appearance than her performance. Even when Slim is being beaten up by her husband, she has time to reapply her lip gloss. Often sporting her trademark sunglasses and hip casual attire, Lopez doesn’t look much different here than she did in ‘The Wedding Planner’ or the ‘I’m Real’ video.”

Jennifer Lopez Is A Very Physical Person Anyway

May 25, 2002 – Ingrid Randoja of Now Toronto was on hand at Jennifer Lopez’s press conference recently at the Essex House Hotel in New York. J.lo talked about her final fight scene with ‘Enough’ co-star Billy Campbell saying, “I definitely knew everything I was doing in that scene. I learned it completely. And it’s convincing. I’m a very physical person anyway. I’ve been athletic since I was eight years old, so that kind of stuff is easy for me. I didn’t let the stunt double do much.” The article at has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez And Pals Have Appetizers At Hotel Pool

May 25, 2002 – The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez was spotted with seven pals at Delano’s Blue Door restaurant hanging out at the hotel’s pool, where they dined on 18 appetizers and desserts.

Britney, J.Lo, Shakira Make FHM UK Top Ten

May 24, 2002 – The UK edition of FHM’s Sexiest Women 2002 poll named tennis babe and Enrique Iglesias girlfriend Anna Kournikova as the #1 most sexy star. Pop stars on the list included S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens at #2, at #3, Jennifer Lopez at #4, at #6, at #8, and Shakira at #9.

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  1. corporate says:

    This girl deserves everything she gets. What does she expect? She cheated on P. Diddy with him and now he will eventually cheat on her with someone else. Besides I don’t believe anyone actually thought she cared for Chris anyway.

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