Jennifer Lopez On ‘Inside The Actors Studio’

Contributed anonymously: appeared on Sunday (October 10) on James Lipton’s ‘Inside The Actors Studio’. The actress talked about her sizzling movie and music career, raise and falls and even danced with one of the students to her Spanish version of ‘Sway’ called ‘Quein Sera’.

Says Working With Richard Gere Was ‘Surreal’

October 11, 2004 – Reuters caught up with on the red carpet of the ‘Shall We Dance?’ premiere, where she gushed praise for her co-star Richard Gere. “It’s always so surreal when you work with someone you watched growing up,” Lopez explained. “You know what I mean. When I was growing up, I was watching him in all these movies that I loved him in.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez On ‘Inside The Actors Studio’

  1. Addicted2Gossip says:

    Now that she’s receiving “coaching” on how to handle the press, she should receive some “coaching” on vocabulary…How many times can she say “You know what I mean” in a single sentence? Every interview she’s given, “You know what I mean” is said multiple times. I’d rather listen to my cats use their litter box than to listen to hear her 7th grade education answers.

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