Jennifer Lopez On TRL Tuesday

Jennifer Lopez stopped by MTV Total Request Live to premiere her new video for ‘Jenny From The Block’. J.Lo was mum about being engaged to Ben Affleck but said, “I think everybody will know soon enough.” J.Lo also confirmed there would be a track on ‘This is Me… Then’ called ‘Dear Ben.’ Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Give it up for Jennifer Lopez.


Carson: Yeah, let’s go say hi to new york.

Jennifer: Say hello. We’re gonna say hello hello, everybody.

Carson: Being a Bronx girl. We haven’t seen the streets this packed on TRL in a very, very long time.

Jennifer: They are here for Justin.

Carson: Baloney. The girls maybe, but not the guys. Not a mob in the streets let’s get it back over there before they get upset how are ya good to see you.

Jennifer: Good to be here.

Carson: Jennifer is very busy we have lots to discuss.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Carson: We have a new video you brought with you today to show us, a new movie out Christmas, a new album out later this month

Jennifer: Yes


Carson: I have to ask you what everybody is dying to know.

Jennifer: What?!

Carson: About your personal life are you and Ben Affleck engaged?


What is going on with this?!

Jennifer: Uhm.

Carson: If you can’t say it here on this familiar floor.

Jennifer: See you got me like cornered you know how i feel about you. I can’t just look you in the eye and give you the runaround but, at the same time, ha-ha.

Carson: Okay. Do you not want to answer yes or no?

Jennifer: I think everybody will know soon enough.

Carson: Okay. There you go


Carson: I love you. You are sweet for that let me just go ahead and talk about, uhm — you don’t know do you want to talk about “Dear Ben” it was our news yesterday, the new track on the album.

Jennifer: That’s out already?! Oh, my god. That’s w this video is about. Basically it’s a take — a lot of like tabloidy kinds of always people in’ watching and stuff like that but a lot of times things are mistaken you know they’ll take one thing and change it into something else and that’s what the video deals with but also like the flow out of, h, information that always blind-sides, you know, all the time. Like that.

Carson: People probably think you are in the know of everything even in your own life.

Jennifer: No, don’t.

Carson: Sometimes you are not. That was our news yesterday there is a track on the new album called “Dear Ben” from us from whatever a source and it is real we have you to ask you about it.

Jennifer: Actually there is a track on the new album called “Dear Ben” yes


Carson: But for “jenny from the block”, when you see the video you’ll know we understand what you just said about what it’s about, was there any — any shot you wouldn’t want to use ben himself in the video, and still get that point across? You seem to not have a problem with the whole thing and maybe in the long run that is the smart thing to do.

Jennifer: The thing is you can’t control it. It is like kinda putting
the message out there you know everything you see is not always what they are portraying it to be and that’s kind of the message. You do get a lot of information and stuff and it’s all mistaken sometimes. I just wanted to get that message out you know what i mean don’t believe everything you read all the time ’cause, look this, this and that you know what I mean.

Carson: I think this video pretty much sums it up I’m glad you are here to show it, too nice to have h from her new album “this is me then” the TRL premiere of Jennifer Lopez here is “Jenny from the block” watch it!

 Carson: Well, excuse me moi Jennifer Lopez the TRL premiere of “Jenny from the block” let me just remind everybody because it was cool it watchin’ the hickin’ of that video in 2ik lar. I know it is hard to tell if one of the videos you do will be hot because you shoot in snippets.

> It is really difficult. People are is your video. Is it good you can never tell how it will edit together or it will be what you thought, you know what you set out to make in the beginning.

Carson: Now that you have seen it here and just aired on TRL how do you think it looked.

Jennifer: I’m happy with it. Do you guys like it


Carson: They loved it, going crazy the making of the video “Jenny from the block” happens after trl immediately following the show on 4:30, call to vote it for or go online: Get the album out on the 26th. Thank you, you are the best.

Jennifer: November the 26th no you are the best.

Carson: Jennifer Lopez, everybody thanks for stoppin’ by this is me then” the 26th of November get it out. Oh, take a picture with Justin.

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