Jennifer Lopez On ‘Unfinished Life’

On Thursday (September 8), talked with ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer about her new movie, ‘An Unfinished Life’, co-starring Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman.

The segment at has since been removed.

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8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez On ‘Unfinished Life’

  1. estephania says:

    I wonder if this movie is any good, I usually like most movies Morgan Freeman is in. I’m actually happy to see JLO in a better role than her usual romantic comedy crap. I watched “Selena” again the other day and was reminded that she actually can act.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Is this the scary movie? Anyway, I never got to mention that she did an awesome job in “Monster-In-Law” LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  3. JLo_Lover says:

    You know the reviews for this film have all said that “for once” Jennifer Lopez’s acting is GOOD in this movie! So maybe we will see another side of Jennifer, the old one from “Selena”

  4. niceg says:

    Finally, JLo is kicking some Mental Mariah butt this week. Without having the #1 spot, the lame chops are going out to download 100 copies of the flop song. Perhaps, we will see Mental checking into the hospital again. There goes Glitter Part 2.

  5. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    I have to say, J-Lo only bugs me when she brings up her personal life and such. I actually do thing she is pretty talented and I was reminded of that when watching “Monster-In-Law,” it was actually a funny movie. I used to love her in “Selena” and this movie doesn’t look half bad either. I just need to forget about her “Bennifer” days, which, let’s face it did no one any good.

  6. estephania says:

    I know what you mean, it’s hard to taker her seriously in any role b/c of who she is’, ‘and all the Benefiier crap. I found that every movie I saw her in after that whole thing just seemed fake, I didn’t get into her characters at all. Nice to see her doing something with more meat instead of just box office fluff for cash.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    This movie actually looks pretty good. I hope Jennifer starts doing more movies like this and stops doing the romantic comedy crap, it gets pretty old and repetitive coming from her. Who knows, she may finally be more recognized for her acting (in a serious part) like she was in Selena. I hope she keeps it up with finding more mature roles in films like this.

  8. MillyaBella says:

    Reviews of film have been BAAAAAAAAD!!!!’, ‘The film isn’t a hit with theater goers either. Sneak Peeked in 700 theaters last week total screens have been DROPPED from an announced “Wide Release” of 400 this weekend to a mere 139. J.Lo SCREWS another film!

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