Jennifer Lopez Phones Into TRL To Debut ‘I’m Glad’

phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday from Paris to plug her new video ‘I’m Glad’, which saw its TRL debut today. J.Lo explained of the ‘Flashdance’ inspired clip, “I wanted to do a dance video. I hadn’t done a dance video in a long time.” Read on for a rough transcript.

Lala: We have Jennifer on the phone right now! Jennifer what’s up?

Lopez: What’s up, la la? How you doing?

Lala: I’m chillin’. Where you coming from?

Lopez: I’m in Paris right now.

Lala: Paris!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lopez: A long way from home.

Lala: That’s hot. Here’s the deal. We took a sneak peek at the video yesterday “I’m glad” and it’s homage to the movie “Flashdance.” What about the movie inspired you to remake it in the video e?

Lopez: I wanted to do a dance video. I hadn’t done a dance video in a long time. I thought to myself, i wanted to do a video with David Lachapelle. I said, look, i want to do a dance video what do you think? He called me and said, all right let me think about it. He said, what do you think of “Flashdance”? I was like, okay. That sounds good. Then I watched the movie again and I just thought this is hot. This is hot. It’s still hot, it’s still sexy. It’s — it’s a good movie, let’s do it. So we did it.

Lala: It’s hot. I forced e of the producers to let me see it today and it’s edible.

Lopez: You like it?

Lala: I love it! Off the hook.

Lopez: Good.

Lala: You recreated the look of Jennifer Beals, the star of Flashdance. So what was the deal with that? Obviously you wanted to redo do the video so you wanted the look as well?

Lopez: Yeah. The whole thing being it was David Lachapelle he wanted to update it or make it a little crazy. I didn’t know what his idea was going to be. Ce we got into rehearsal and everything, he said i want it down to the last retail. You know, I just think it was a sexy, iconic film and think we should do it, or else it’s going to come off whacked. So we went for the look and the shoes and the bracelet and the whole way it looked.

Lala: The whole nine yards.

Lopez: Yeah.

Lala: It was definitely off the hook. We’ll check out your videos side by side with the movie. It is amazing how similar your video and the movie are. You are really doing your thing with the dance moves. Now, Jennifer, tell me, physically, was this the hardest that you ever worked in a video?

Lopez: Oh, my god, i don’t know if anybody saw — I think they aired the making of the video. But it was the hardest one i ever did. First of all, I didn’t have that much time to rehearse. I had to go to Europe. I had like ten days, nine or ten days to do it. And I had a lot to learn. It was like three or four dance sequences in it and there was a lot of physical stuff.

Lala: Right.

Lopez: And the type of dancing is different from what we do now. We wanted to make it a little more modern but still kind of stick to the movie. So it was a combination of the two. So it was challenging. Physically, it was a lot. But it was fun.

Lala: Jennifer, it’s hard to do those dance sequences by yourself. You didn’t have the support of a dance team, and i know that was a challenge as well.

Lopez: Yeah. It was different. Because in videos now, you know it is always like 12 dancers behind you. At least two. You know? Your friends, you know, backing you up. But this was — i was out there solo. But it was the best way to do it. I wanted to do it and i just had a great time. I’m happy with it. I hope everybody likes it.

Lala: We want to thank you for calling in today. For real.

Lopez: Okay.

Lala: Introduce the premiere, Jennifer.

Lopez: Okay. Hey, everybody, what is Jennifer and i want to introduce my new video, “I’m glad,” off of my album. “This is me then.” I hope you enjoy it.

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