Jennifer Lopez Phones Into ‘TRL’

phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to introduce her new video with LL Cool J entitled ‘All I Have’. Lopez says she has a few resolutions for the New Year, but didn’t want to share them. J.Lo says spent the holiday in Miami with her family. As for the video, she says her pals were itching to get on the set to see LL, when they never want to go see her shoot any other videos. Read on for a transcript.

Lala: Without further ado I’m joined on the phone by miss Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo: Hey wha’ssup lala.

Lala: Wha’ssup, girl.

J.Lo: How are you.

Lala: Man! What’s going on how are you doin’.

J.Lo: I heard you got engaged congratulations.

Lala: Ha-ha. Thank you so much, thank you very, very much, a crazy new year let’s talk about new year’s any resolutions Jennifer.

J.Lo: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you babe.

Lala: You did have any new year’s resolutions.

J.Lo: New year’s resolutions, I guess I have a few, I don’t want
to share with you guys.

Lala: Nothing you want to tell us?

J.Lo: Uhm, no, uhm, no.

Lala: Okay, okay. I’ll make it easy for you how did you spend your new year’s

J.Lo: I was down in Miami with my whole family, they came down i have
a place in Miami and they spent all their time here in the house with us
and it was a lot of fun.

Lala: That’s hot. That’s hot. Today is a big day premiering “all I have” your new single with the one and only unh LL Cool J talk to me Jennifer
how did you hook up with him.

J.Lo: It was basically you know we had this song and knew he would be
perfect but the funny part when we went to do the video i never had so many girlfriends call me and say they wanted to come to set. Can we come see LL I was like, this is a first! They don’t want to visit me

Lala: That is a great look, LL definitely always doin’ the damn thing. This is a pretty emotional song. Did your background as an actress help
I know you had to cry and stuff like that.

J.Lo: I wanted to make it a Christmasy kinda wintertime you know break-up video because I always feel it is worse to break up at those times when
you are supposed to be real happy and everything. I didn’t have to cry in the video but i thought it would be good, you know, what i mean to bring that kind of emotion to give it a more dramatic story to it.

Lala: To get that point across.

J.Lo: Right, right.

Lala: We are about to get into “all I have” but you know you’ve been
workin’ non-stop “maid in a minute minute “the album off the hook, you
just finished “Jersey Girl” you did “Gigli” is it time to kick your feet
up and take a vacation and chill what’s next.

J.Lo: Oh, no, no, no. Not me I am more like, you know, just really ready for this year. I have a lot of different projects I’m workin’ on and excited to get into it, you know this album i feel like you know is a really special album for me and i just can’t wait to release, you know, you know, 2, 3, 4 more singles off this album and really keep it goin’. I’m excited. I think it is going to be a really good year.

Lala: Definitely the album is off the hook. Jennifer before you introduce it tell Ben we said hello and happy new year’s to him


Lala: To him as well. Jennifer please do the honors and world premiere this video with LL Cool J!

J.Lo: This is and this is my brand new video “All I Have” with LL Cool J for all of you on TRL happy new year, everybody ‘love you.

Lala: Thank you.

J.Lo: Thank you.

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