Jennifer Lopez Says Diva Rep Isn’t Her Fault

According to The Mirror, is blaming her diva rep on her publicity people. The singer/actress reportedly told ‘Monster-in-Law’ director Robert Luketic: “My publicity people made those demands. I didn’t even know they were asking for those things. I didn’t know they were asking for candles and lilies in my rooms. They just appeared.”

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Says Diva Rep Isn’t Her Fault

  1. Hunglo says:

    But being a fat azz fake singer crappy actor IS !

  2. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    That’s such a copout. Those people work for and represent her, and if they were harming her image, she should have either fired or reprimanded them, but she didn’t.

  3. lilbrookiie says:

    she’s an ok singer but I think shes a really good actress. Watch enough!

  4. Starlet01 says:

    I agree I think it’s lame of Jennifer to blame her people for her wrong doing.

    I do believe the producers do enhance J.Lo’s voice on her albums, especially on J.LO.’

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    Sometimes I wish celebrities can grow up and learn to acknowledge their own flaws and mistakes instead of always blaming their people or the media all the time.

  6. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    They do enhance her voice, but they also pay other mediocre singers to sing her…’, ‘songs for her, and then dub her adlibs in to make it seem likes it’s her throughout the entire track.

  7. Babar says:

    She has a sweet unique voice that is obvious even when she’s talking in her movies.’, ‘Her songs are great and her acting in fabulous. And she is incredibly beautiful.

    How can she fire her people for putting lillies and candles in her room?’, ‘And who says being a diva is a bad thing anyway? What is the entire purpose of having a successful career if you can’t spend your money, and spend it in any way you want? If she wants limos in every color of the rainbow, she can afford it too. And what’s so extravagant in lillies and candles? this entire setup comes for less than 10 bucks. And people should just stop attacking MC and j.Lo. for being rich.

    having loads of money and spending it as you like is a flaw?’, ‘If she likes candles she can very well demand them. Whats a star without star power!

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