Jennifer Lopez Set To Marry Ben On Valentine’s Day

Star magazine reports Jennifer Lopez is set to wed her new beau Ben Affleck in a lavish $1.5 million Valentine’s Day Puerto Rican extravaganza. “This will be one of the most glorious weddings in Hollywood history. Jennifer is telling friends that she wants to go all out for this wedding … and money is no object,” blabbed a source.

J.Lo Sitcom Seen As Family Show

August 29, 2002 – The New York Daily News spoke with Marc Hirschfeld, NBC’s executive vice president of casting on the new Jennifer Lopez backed NBC sitcom, which will be loosely based on Lopez’s teen years. “We see this as a family show, but one especially about young people who struggle and break the bonds of their circumstances to achieve a lot,” he said. “Jennifer Lopez is someone who is smart and ambitious, and who has worked her way up from not being around show business to become a movie and music superstar.”

Jennifer And Ben Forced Out Of Loft After Fire

August 27, 2002 – The New York Post reports locals at Tribeca got an eyeful of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez last week after a small fire at Affleck’s building forced he, J.Lo, Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix all had to evacuate the 8,000 sq. ft. loft. “They were all just sitting there on the street,” said a witness. “Ben and Jennifer were commenting on how cute one neighbor’s kids were.” Meanwhile, the Post reports Ben checked out a Vacheron Constantin ‘Lady Kalla’ watch, a diamond and emerald piece priced at $330,000, and seemed “very interested” in the timepiece, according to a spy, which presumably would be intended for J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Like Being Full

August 26, 2002 – quotes Jennifer saying, “I’m not a big eater. I never eat until I’m full as that’s where you can get into trouble. Besides I don’t like the feeling of being full.”

NBC Searches For The Next J.Lo

August 26, 2002 – reports NBC is searching for the next Jennifer Lopez to star in a new comedy pilot, produced by Lopez’ own production company, Nuyorican Productions. The comedy is about a Puerto Rican Bronx family with three daughters and in many ways mirror’s Lopez’s own life.

Diners Rate The Celebrity Restaurants

August 25, 2002 – has a review listing of several celebrity owned restaurants including Britney Spears’ Nyla and Jennifer Lopez’s Madre’s. Neither restaurant appears to be getting very good reader reviews, and Nyla seems to be fairing worst of all. One reviewer wrote, “We weren’t served any bread/breadsticks while we waited for our meals. Fifteen minutes later our meals arrived and we were ready to dig in because we were hungry and everything looked so delicious. I cut into the chicken only to realize that it was completely RAW on the inside while the outside was golden!!!! I was HORRIFIED AND FILLED WITH DISGUST, FOLLOWED BY THE URGE TO GAG!!!!! Although the waiter and manager were extremely apologetic and willing to compensate me with a complimentary meal, MY EXPERIENCE WAS SO NAUSEATING, that I declined and left the premises.”

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Set To Marry Ben On Valentine’s Day

  1. BlueAngel1 says:

    I really don’t think that celebrity should go into owning a restaurant, because when something happens a their restaurants, the media blames them. And it just puts another bad point on them.

  2. dum_BLONDE says:

    Oh…my…god, you have got to be freakin’ kidding me!! This is her third marriage in like 4 or 5 years!! It’s almost like any guy she stays with over 3 weeks is “worth marrying”…ever heard of taking your time to get to know someone?! Marriage is supposed to be for the rest of your life, not 6 months.

  3. joxe says:

    If this news is true and after marrying Ben and divorcing him for another man, no one (MEN) will take her seriously, she is gorgeous alright, that’s why she will be hitched again and again whether we like it or not but common marriage isn’t like a movie or an album after you put everything on it, you will release it and find another project again. It’s not!

    I hope that if ever she will marry Ben, it will last for a lifetime, she should get serious in her relationship, don’t be like a whore jumping and marrying a man because you feel like you want him today, how about tomorrow, will you feel the same for him?

    Why don’t she ask herself so many questions before taking the vows again! Like if she really is in love with him, if he is the one she’s looking for, if she is ready to make this last and so many questions!

    She must wait and see what will happen in her relationship with Ben before exchanging their I do’s. She shouldn’t jump from a marriage to another!


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