Jennifer Lopez Spotted Shopping For Jo Malone Perfume

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports Jennifer Lopez was spotted at upscale SoHo perfume store Jo Malone, buying $1,400 worth of perfume. A source at the store revealed, “People come in all the time to buy things for Jennifer. Mostly it seems like when she is going to be someplace and everyone runs out to buy her grapefruit-scented candles and things like that. But other things have been bought for her, too, including fragrances.”

Pricey Hike For Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

May 2, 2003 – Star magazine reports Ben and fiance Jennifer recently went hiking at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, but did anything but rough it. The pair had a limo drop them off and wait for them while they did their workout.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck May Take On ‘Gone Baby Gone’

May 2, 2003 – The Boston Herald reports Ben and fiance Jennifer may sign on to the big screen adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s ‘Gone Baby Gone.’ Lehane told the paper that he thinks J.Lo has the right attitude to play private eye Angela Gennaro to Ben’s Patrick Kenzie. “I thought she was wonderful in ‘Out of Sight,’ just great,” said Lehane. “But I haven’t seen much else she’s been in.”

Rumored Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Pre-Nup

May 2, 2003 – Contributed by Tina31182:’s gossip column had two stories on Jennifer. One being about the documentary “Behind the Behind” and more interestingly on a rumored prenuptial with Ben Affleck. According to the site Jen is reportedly making Ben agree to giving her half of his multimillion-dollar fortune, their jointly owned mansions, money generated by Ben via business ventures throughout the marriage, and full custody of any and all children (meaning that Ben receives absolutely no visitation rights) if he is unfaithful to her. If she cheats he gets nothing. Read more.

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