Jennifer Lopez Still Upset With Britney Spears Years Later

The New York Post reports was firmly rejected by when she asked if J.Lo would contribute something to the gift bags to be given out at the grand opening of Spears’ new restaurant Nyla. A source explained the now years old beef Lopez had with Spears saying, “Britney really wanted to meet Jennifer, and so Jennifer’s manager, Benny Medina, agreed to make Jennifer wait for Britney at some event. When Britney finally showed up, she basically just walked over to Jennifer and said ‘Hi.’ That was it. Jennifer was like, ‘I waited around for that?’ She’s still mad about it.”

Cris Judd’s Prom Date Talks About His Split With J.Lo

June 14, 2002 – Following news of Jennifer Lopez’s split with Cris Judd, US Weekly went to his hometown of Niceville, Florida to get the city’s impression on the dancer who married J.Lo. Michelle Cooper dated Cris and went to Niceville High School’s prom with Judd said, “If the breakup is anyone’s fault, it’s Jennifer’s.” Cooper said Judd was “a good kisser and a real loyal guy – not a fool-around type of person.” She added, “It’s J.Lo’s loss. She had a good guy.”

Us Magazine’s Min Weighs In On J.Lo & Judd Split

June 14, 2002 – Extra TV spoke with Janice Min, an executive editor at US Magazine on what she’s learned about Jennifer Lopez’s split with dancer Cris Judd. Min said, “Clearly, Cris felt like he wasn’t getting his due in the relationship.” Apparently Cris wanted a traditional marriage, and to be the family’s breadwinner… Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. As for the Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs connection, she said, “They are talking on the phone several times a day. They do both have special feelings for each other. But right now, there is no romance.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Still Upset With Britney Spears Years Later

  1. IlBs says:

    LOL that is interesting really… especially since on a radio interview in March Britney mentioned that she had received a gift basket from J.Lo with clothes off of her clothing line. What will they say next that Britney is jealous of Mandy Moore because she is taller? lol

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