Jennifer Lopez Targetted In ‘I’m Glad’ Lawsuit

The New York Post reports former construction worker turned dancer Maureen Marder, whom Jennifer Beals’ ‘Flashdance’ character is based – plans to sue Jennifer Lopez for theft of intellectual property featured in her ‘I’m Glad’ video. “I was stunned and phoned Paramount who told me they had no authorization,” Marder tells The Post. “They have the right to sell it but since J.Lo didn’t go through the proper channels, they have to contend with me because I have a parallel claim.”

Humiliated Jennifer Lopez Will Never Make It To The Altar

August 28, 2003 – According to a pal of Ben Affleck, Jennifer is seething at the actor and plans on dumping him at the altar. “You can’t believe how angry J.Lo is over the stripper incident,” the pal revealed. “No matter how far the wedding plans have progressed, all Jennifer is doing is going through the motions.” Despite all the preparations ahead of the big wedding, insiders say the diva won’t forgive Ben for publicly humiliating her. “I wouldn’t be surprised,” said the pal, “if she literally leaves him standing on the altar alone.”

Dream Job For Hairdresser

August 28, 2003 – In the best job since Jennifer Lopez’s nipple tweaker, The Sun has a photo of celebrity hairdresser Gary Cockrill applying fake tanning gel to the chest of former Steps beauty Lisa Scott Lee. Check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Targetted In ‘I’m Glad’ Lawsuit

  1. SJ says:

    J.Lo is such a b*tch!. She has gotten in so many lawsuits I think she’s gonna go bankrupt (oh well Bennifer may pay off some bills and that’s only if they are still together). I hope Maureen Marder sues the f*ck out of J.Lo. She deserves it and needs to learn stop stealing peoples sh*t, including Mariah!

  2. YogiBear says:

    she’s getting sued as much as Puffy!

  3. LadyBugg says:

    I don’t know how they thought they were going to get away with that in the first place. That video is a carbon copy of the movie! Where were her lawyers?? Its not like she didn’t have enough money to purchase the right to use the scene. Maureen Marder could have made a cameo appearance. That’s usually how its done.

  4. roxyorlando says:

    When a certain work of entertainment or art becomes old enough or popular enough, it generally becomes “public domain” and people have the right to use it at will. HOWEVER, how J.Lo’s lawyers could think that the concept of “Flashdance” was public domain is ridiculous.

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