Jennifer Lopez To Get Slimed

Us Weekly has learned Jennifer Lopez will be the surprise guest at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on April 3rd, where she’ll be getting “slimed”.

Jennifer Lopez To Appear On ‘Will & Grace’

March 26, 2004 – ‘Will & Grace’ star Shelley Morrison tells syndicated columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith that Jennifer will be coming on the set within the next few days to guest star on the season-ender story. “Karen (Megan Mullally) is getting married — that’s all I’m gonna say!” Morrison insisted. She did add that Harry Connick, Jr. Is also back for the finale. As for J.Lo’s role, Morrison says, “She’s playing herself. She’s going to sing at the wedding. She’s in a couple of scenes.”

Marc Anthony Speaks Out

March 25, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Marc Anthony has posted on his official site a letter to his fans and supporters. Latin singer is annoyed how media interfere in his private life. He speaks out about Jennifer Lopez and his marriage with Dayanara Torres: “First of all the specifics about my marriage and who I was with while I was separated is nobody’s business. But I would like to make clear that the fact that the demise of my marriage is being blamed on infidelity is laughable. It should be said that I did everything to make my marriage work expressly for my children and in the name of family. And I find it hurtful that it has been portrayed otherwise. The decision to break up had nothing to do with anyone or any other situation. It was about 2 people coming to terms with compatibility issues. As my ex wife has said ‘we are better off as friends.’ Boring right? But that doesn’t get you on prime time television. (…) Second of all, the fact that Jennifer Lopez has been unjustly dragged in to this is wrong. In no way, shape or form did she have anything to do with the rupture of my marriage. I want to make that 100% clear. The statements that were made alluding to this fact were misleading and malicious and were intended to be so. This was a blatant exploitation and use of someone’s name to attract publicity.”

Sharon Osbourne Blesses J.Lo Ditching Ben Affleck

March 24, 2004 – Sharon Osbourne tells Express magazine that Jennifer Lopez is better off without Ben Affleck. “Well done for ditching him,” Osbourne said. “He hangs out with strippers and you don’t want anyone with stripper breath. I’m sure you’ll find someone else – he wasn’t the right one.”

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