Jennifer Lopez Topless In Next High Society

Dees Sleaze reports there are two topless photos of Jennifer Lopez in the next issue of High Society magazine, which is party of their Latina Lust Objects issue.

Will Smith Talks ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

July 12, 2002 – Will Smith confirms to TV Guide Online that he may headline yet another remake of the 1937 classic ‘A Star is Born’, and he’s weighing the benefits of starring with Jennifer Lopez or Alicia Keys. “Jennifer loves the concept, [and] Alicia really likes it [too],” Smith says. “What I like about Jennifer is that you could go Latin. The music and the environment could be the Latin world, which would be different from all of the other [versions]. I think it needs to be different.”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Looking Like A Couple

July 7, 2002 – Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News reports Jennifer and Ben Affleck were spotted strolling through Tribeca at noon, sauntering past Nobu and even shopping in a deli called Jin’s Market on Hudson St. as the two look more and more like a couple.

Jennifer Lopez Is Making Her List

July 7, 2002 – Star magazine quotes Jennifer saying, “There are certain people that are marked for death already. I have my little list of those that treated me unfairly.”

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Topless In Next High Society

  1. kiki says:

    If it is true, then I am very disappointed with Jennifer Lopez. She shouldn’t say those words that’s like stabbing a knife in a back, if that’s what want she wants. In have pity for your J.LO

  2. phantom says:

    yeah, next thing they’ll write is that she’s also involved with the Latino mob….gimme a freakin’ brake who the hell cares anyway? in a matter of time she’s going to be another “whatever happened to” Hollywood story of the week

  3. phantom says:

    As if we haven’t seen enough of her already– what’s next, she bends over and we get a glimpse of what’s THERE too?? gimme a break

  4. blind-sunflower says:

    Why is it, that everything JLo does, revolves around her showing ass???? this chick, obviously has no talent, if all her image is banked on, is her tits and her ass she has little staying power in Hollywood, IMHO!! I also think it’s funny that Hollywood just feeds into the idea that she’s the only one around that has an ass, like hello, there r other women in the world besides JLO

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