Jennifer Lopez Watches Marc Anthony Performing In Miami Beach

looked on from the balcony at a private concert by new hubby Marc Anthony which was sponsored by Univision at Barton G on Friday (June 18) in Miami Beach, Florida. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Watches Marc Anthony Performing In Miami Beach

  1. blatina says:

    I think her and marc will last because he seems to truly adore her, and a lot of their close friends say he’s adored her since the first time they met.

  2. Thalia_Lover says:

    To tell you guys the truth I think they will last longer than any of her other relationships, I am not saying they might last forever, I’m just saying that they would stay longer because she adores him and he adores her! There so cute together!

  3. YogiBear says:

    I give it two years, plus another kid by Marc. He can’t help but impregnate who he dates. they’re perfect for each other. :)

  4. Carrie says:

    Marc is great for her. He’s a great source of strength and security which she has lacked in prior relationships. The man has adored her for years that’s why he was so shaken in his marriage. She needs to stick this one out for as long as she can because she is never going to find someone that can provide that for her – at least not in Hollywood. If Jennifer doesn’t try to stick this out with Marc for a couple of years, I see her as a lost case. She will never achieve a stable family relationship with anyone.

  5. Mr_IceFire says:

    I think J.Lo is a nice person. I like Marc & J.Lo’s music both. She might search for the perfect relationship but she has to except the ups and downs, like with P.diddy (clubshooting) Ben Affleck (stripper). I hope she doesn’t go away when Marc doesn’t want any kids… Marc is someone who is right for her he is not nobody like Ojani Noa & Cris Judd those tried to benefit from their relationship with J.Lo. Tip: Don’t go away from a man in 8 months, and except the ups and downs. Keep your relationship private & watch out for to much publicity.. That can break your career

  6. realgrprincess says:

    I actually saw this on one of the entertainment shows and her whole adoring act looked phony. Nice try J.Ho but we know you don’t really love Marc and only married him because you got dumped by Ben and no one else in Hollywood would date you.

  7. clayfan says:

    Marc is an incredible singer … I hope he finds happiness … I hope these two’, ‘can stay together … there are already three children involved (all his). He sure seems to have some sort of robosperm — J.Lo will be PG very soon, I’m sure … the kid will be beautiful … but I hope his three other kids are doing all right.

  8. MeOfCourse says:

    omg….can this chick look any phonier? puhleeze….she’s on the rebound big time and using marc for that matter as she used Chris after puffy, diddy, whatever the phuk his name is now….getting pregnant by this dude would be murder to her “strong catholic believes”…has anyone ever thought about the fact that if she was such a string believer, than why would she cheat while still married to ojani AND chris? or the fact that she has been divorced TWICE? not a very strong and true Catholic if you ask me….this chick is full of bull***** like her whole image, head and jellatin asssssssssssssss

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