Jennifer Lopez Won’t Co-Star With Marc Anthony After All

The Mirror reports got cold feet after orginally planning to star with new husband Marc Anthony in a movie based on the life of Puerto Rican jazz legend Hector Lavoe. Instead, Anthony will play the lead role without the diva, who was burned co-starring with Ben Affleck in ‘Gigli’ and ‘Jersey Girl’, both box-office flops. “She was going to play Hector’s wife,” says an industry source. “But she decided her talents would be equally useful behind the camera. She’s desperate to give Marc his big break and wants to be around him 24/7.”

Marc Anthony Discusses ‘Amazing Weekend’

June 10, 2004 – Marc Anthony was on ‘The Early Show’ to perform one of his best-known salsa hits, ‘Nadie Como Ella’ and field questions about his weekend wedding to Jennifer Lopez. “I’m so happy. I’m too happy is what it is,” Anthony told Julie Chen about his marriage. “It was an amazing weekend, because I got to spend it with my family. That’s all I’m going to say. I want to go on record saying, honestly: There’s nothing like having peace. There’s nothing like having a life.” Read more, and watch his performance and interview, here.

New Iraqi President Can Relate To Marc Anthony

June 10, 2004 – David Letterman joked about Jennifer Lopez’s weekend wedding to Marc Anthony during his Late Show monologue on Wednesday night. Dave joked, “Earlier today President Bush met with the new Iraqi president, who is just an interim guy who will serve before a permanent figure can be chosen… You know, it’s like being married to Jennifer Lopez. … So far has married a model, been married to a dancer, been married to a singer, and I was thinking she could have all of that in the same guy if she just hooked up with me.”

Refutes Shotgun Wedding Rumors

June 10, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked about Jennifer’s weekend wedding to Marc Anthony during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night. Conan said, “J.Lo got married again over the weekend on Saturday. Sources say that she got married because she is pregnant. But J.Lo says, ‘No I’m not pregnant. I got married because it was Saturday’.”

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