Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Calls Her Cold And Heartless

Ojani Noa – whose marriage to in 1997 lasted just 15 months, is lashing out at the singer in the new issue of Star magazine, prompted by his firing from her Pasadena restaurant, Madre’s. He calls Lopez a “cold, heartless modern-day Elizabeth Taylor” who is “in love with herself.” As for his feelings about Ben Affleck marrying her, Noa warns, “Wedding vows mean nothing to her… If she climbed into bed with you so easily, don’t you think she’ll do the same with someone else? She moves on when she gets tired of sleeping with the same man. She will end up in her old age all alone with seven or eight wrecked marriages in her wake.”

Interviewed By 11-Year-Old Co-Star

November 30, 2002 – Jennifer and her 11-year-old ‘Maid in Manhattan’ co-star, Tyler Posey, had a Q&A on Access Hollywood the other night. Ty asked, “So why did you choose Ben over me? Was it because of my age? Or height?” Lopez laughingly responded, “I didn’t chose Ben over you , it was just that I thought it would be wrong.”

And Ralph Fiennes Praise Each Other

November 30, 2002 – ‘Maid in Manhattan’ stars Jennifer and Ralph heaped praise on each other. Lopez tells Extra TV, “He’s an amazing actor, and for me to work with him was like, ‘Wow, he wants to do it? That’s nice.'” Fiennes said, “She’s very down to earth and easy to work with.”

Jennifer Lopez Plotting Vegas Opening Of Madre’s

November 29, 2002 – The Las Vegas Sun reports representatives of Jennifer met Wednesday with executives from the Hard Rock Hotel about opening a Las Vegas branch of her Pasadena, California, restaurant, Madre’s. “She is the world’s No. 1 recording star, movie star and is on the cover of every magazine in the country,” said J.Lo colleague Joey Battig. “Can you imagine what the lines will be like outside of the place?”

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