Jennifer Lopez’s Make-Up Artist Denies He Was Fired

Scott Barnes says he left Jennifer Lopez, because Lopez still owes him for work he did for her wedding to Marc Anthony. On that day, Barnes – hired just to beautify J.Lo – ended up working on some of her family and friends. “I came over on the pretense of business,” the make-up artist told Us Weekly. “I ended up doing five times the work and wasn’t paid. All I really wanted was an apology, and it’s sad that after four years I can’t even get that.”

Fortune Names Richest Americans Under 40

9, 2004 – Fortune Magazine announced Wednesday its annual list of the 40 richest Americans under the age of 40. The list includes celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, and the Olsen twins. The list appears in the September 20th issue, available on newsstands September 13th.

Jennifer And Marc’s Secret Honeymoon

September 8, 2004 – Star magazine reports that and finally went on a honeymoon, visiting St. Barths in early August for four days. “They spent the time tanning, relaxing, and shopping without being recognized,” a source revealed. “They were thrilled just to window shop on the main street like any other tourists.” The trip went so well they might return to the Caribbean island soon. “They loved it,” the source added. “When they got back, Jen told everyone she had a fantastic time.”

Will ‘Shall We Dance?’ Jive With The New Jennifer Lopez?

September 3, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Jennifer is on the cover of September issue of Famous magazine. It features article about her upcoming movie ‘Shall We Dance?’ and interview with the actress and Richard Gere. “I never fully realized what a wonderful actress Jennifer was until I began working with her,” Gere told Famous shortly after he finished filming ‘Shall We Dance?’ in Winnipeg last summer. “She’s fearless. She’s ready to try anything in order to make a film better. Of course, she’s a brilliant dancer, but I was really impressed with her dedication to bringing her character to life. You don’t always see that kind of work ethic in Hollywood. And she’s about as far away from being a diva as you can get.”

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Make-Up Artist Denies He Was Fired

  1. blayze21 says:

    She should just pay him an tell him to go f**k off already so he can’t milk his five min of fame any longer..he supposedly said J.Lo has a lady cast evil spells on people an decide who her lover interest should be.. if that’s true with 2 failed marriages this voodoo lady should be the one fired.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    That’s BS, Scott’s just being an over-dramatic a-hole to get some press time. since he has a line of his own coming out. Oh, and by the way she pays them a contracted rate for a determined amount of time, since she’s always looking for hair and make-up people for whatever. So, for him to be seeking additional payment and then exploiting it in the press, I’m glad she won’t just give him money to shut him up. Let her stand for her rights as an employer and not pay him any additional money. What he’s looking for is the “TIP” she usually gave him, which last I checked is not an obligation.

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