Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Wins $2.4 Million Slot Machine Payout

The New York Daily News reports ’s mother Guadalupe beat astronomical odds Saturday night when she played a dollar ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot machine at the ritzy Atlantic City Borgata – and hit a $2.4 million payout. “It was divine intervention,” Guadalupe declared after her $3 investment generated a more than 800,000-fold dividend. “I have a great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe … and had just looked up at the $2 million and said a little prayer to her when I hit the jackpot. Our Lady really looks out for me.”

Kevin Smith Talks Briefly About J.Lo In ‘Jersey Girl’

April 3, 2004 – ‘Jersey Girl’ director Kevin Smith phoned into the Steve and DC show on Thursday (April 1). About midway through, he talked a bit about working with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the film and realizing the troubles he’d have after ‘Gigli’ bombed. The interview has since been removed from

Jennifer Lopez Lingerie: Making Fashion Hot

April 3, 2004 – From music videos to the red carpet, Jennifer is the epitome of style. Now, only ‘Extra’ has the singer/ actress/ CEO talking about her latest passion — her clothing line. “We really have something special and unique,” Lopez said. “We do young, chic, urban sportswear.”

Ben Affleck Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Jennifer Lopez

March 31, 2004 – Ben has admitted he still can’t stop thinking about ex-fiance Jennifer. “It’s a horribly sad time for me right now,” Ben told German magazine Frau Im Spiegel. “I’m constantly thinking: ‘Hey, the person who occupied the most important place in your life doesn’t belong to you any more.’ How can I possibly deal with that?” However, he revealed the pair are back on speaking terms after their traumatic break-up, and that’s making it a lot easier for him to cope without her. “We phone each other all the time again now and we’re getting along really well. I had such a great time with her and I’ll never forget it,” he added. “Jennifer is such a remarkable, beautiful and active woman.”

Jennifer Lopez Headed To Vegas To Tape ‘Will & Grace’ Episode

March 31, 2004 – The Las Vegas Sun reports Jennifer is expected in Vegas later this week. The diva guest stars in the season-ending episode of ‘Will & Grace’ called ‘I Do, Oh, No, You Don’t’, which is set in Las Vegas. The episode airs April 29th on NBC.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Wins $2.4 Million Slot Machine Payout

  1. Mable says:

    As a celebrity’s mother, she should not be spreading the word and influencing other people into believing that Our Lady” had anything to do with her winning. Gambling is a sin and is not approved by God. She is known to be a greedy woman. As much money as she already has, I wonder if she will donate any of that to charity.

  2. Meggz75 says:

    I don’t get it…like she really needs that money… She should of said a lil prayer for something a little more meaningful than winning money. My mother prays to Sister Kateri (sp) for important things like helping my brother and his kids through the nasty divorce or to help me find a job when I didn’t have one or to help our family through my grandmother’s illness or that baby Emory will make it; none of it is ever selfish, now that’s a momma for ya!

  3. Jaggie says:

    uh, her daughter is a multi-millionaire who can take care of her mother for the rest of her life. Her mom should give the money to charity or something. She doesn’t need it. Lol, And I doubt Guadalupe had anything to do with gambling, it’s a sin! haha

    you’re right Mable, it is a sin.. and according to the bible, it does make you unchristian according to some, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. see, the bible has been translated and re-translated and re-re-translated over the years, and people have added things in, and taken things out to fit their personal agendas. I’m sure that some of the originally intended messages have been lost in translation. so who’s to say if gambling is actually a sin as dictated by god or jesus? as the bible is now, yes, gambling is a sin, and in some people’s eyes it makes you unchristian.

  4. scratchnsniff says:

    Who is to say that JLo will support her mother? She’s a grown woman and needs to be able to support herself, regardless of who her child is. I say keep the money and spend it however you f***in’ feel!

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