Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Dress Burning Gets Out Of Control

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “We have Iraq, the presidential race, Hurricane Isabel, but the big story right now is Ben and J.Lo. It’s been reported that J.Lo was so upset after the wedding was called off that she burned her wedding dress. The fire got out of control when it reached all her other wedding dresses.”

Ben Affleck, J.Lo: Could They Still Be A Couple?

September 19, 2003 – A source tells Roger Friedman of that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still a romantic couple despite their fizzled marriage. “They aren’t getting married right now, but they are still definitely a couple,” the source insisted. “He’s gone to check on the house he bought in Georgia. (They did not buy it together.) She’s in Miami. They will meet up there. All the reports you heard about him being in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel were untrue.” Read more.

Ben And Jen Wedding Would Have Included Pricey Duds

September 19, 2003 – According to the Boston Herald, the cancelled Santa Barbara wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was going to cost something in the neighborhood of $2 million. Included in that price tag were two wedding dresses from Vera Wang because she couldn’t make up her mind about which she wanted to wear, which ran about $50,000 each. J.Lo also ordered 10 bridesmaid dresses and one mother of the bride gown from Vera for somewhere around $500,000.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Dress Burning Gets Out Of Control

  1. kaoticgurl says:

    -_- haha. very funny. -_- can’t they leave her alone?? so she has bad luck with relationships. who cares? these joke are never funny.

  2. grprincess says:

    It’s called being a whore and an adulteress. SHE left both her first husbands. She cheated on her first husband with P.Diddy, cheated on P.Diddy with Cris, and cheated on Cris with Ben. Looks like karma finally got her.

    Her music sucks, her voice sucks and her personality is fake. Yes I don’t know everything about her but its pretty obvious she dumped her husband for Ben. She was all over him at her restaurant opening and she started publicly dating him right after she announced the end of her marriage. Even Cris’ dad implied that there was something going on with Ben while her and Cris were married. And why do you think she dumped her first husband? Cuz she met P.Diddy.

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