Jennifer Love Hewitt Considers Breast Insurance

Globe magazine reports Jennifer Love Hewitt is telling friends that she’s seriously considering insuring her breasts for $1 million each.

Love Hewitt Gets Crazy With Red Bull

October 17, 2002 – Billie of KISS 92 Toronto and winners of a contest hung out with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jackie Chan in Los Angeles. Jennifer says she drank Red Bull after being told not to, which made her crazy during interviews, how all the kids hated her in school thinking she was this “actress freak girl,” her “no glove, no love” advice, and more. The contest winner asked some pretty bold questions of Jennifer. Audio has since been removed.

Love Hewitt Is ‘Always Really Fun’

October 17, 2002 – TRL’s Deirdre Connolly posted a diary update on with some insight on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s appearance on the show last Monday (October 7). Connolly said, “I was in charge of prepping the Jennifer Love Hewitt interview. We initially wanted her to go outside and mingle with her fans, but it wound up not being the best of weather, so that put an end to that idea. Oh well, she’s always really fun, so it didn’t really bother us. She showed up right on time (which is always a plus) and was so nice and up for just about anything we threw her way. I asked her about her karaoke obsession (apparently it’s her favorite thing to do). So I asked if she would sing ‘I Will Survive’ live on air. She was psyched to do it, and it was fun for everyone to see her less serious side.”

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