Jennifer Love Hewitt Doesn’t Like Being Held Underwater

Jennifer Love Hewitt chatted with Entertainment Today about her role in ‘The Tuxedo’, and the moment she’s held underwater, which for her was a delicate situation. “I’m a little bit claustrophobic, and there’s something about being held under water,” she explains. “The biggest thing with claustrophobics are that they’re total control freaks, and I am a total control freak. It’s [just] knowing that I’m under something, feeling very constricted. Even when I was a kid, you know how kids will play and dunk each other’s head under water? I would lose it, just start hyperventilating.”

Keep Chicken Fat Away From Jennifer Love Hewitt

September 29, 2002 – WENN reports Jennifer Love Hewitt has an odd phobia of uncooked chicken fat. “It’s so gross,” she said. “Cut it off, get it out of there. I like chicken but not chicken fat.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Waiting To Be Asked Out

September 29, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke with Us Weekly where she admitted, “I’ve never been asked out by a guy, and once I’m in a relationship, I send the flowers, the gifts, the romantic notes. So I’m going to sit for a while and wait. I’m not going to lie: I don’t like being single. But I want some amazing guy to come out of nowhere and really ask me out.”

Love Hewitt Thinks Of Her Boobs As A Different Person

September 27, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt spoke with Evan Henderson of the LA Daily News about her new movie ‘The Tuxedo’, which has her dealing with cleavage jokes again, something the actress/singer has become used to. “Boobs and things are brought up so much and sort of talked about so much that I almost think of them as a completely different person,” she says. “So I don’t really think about it or take offense. I wish there was something else about me they could use to make jokes about, or talk about in interviews, but that’s kind of not my job. If that’s what they respond to, then fine.”

Love Hewitt Inspired By PMS To Play Satan

September 27, 2002 – WENN reports Jennifer Love Hewitt used her memories of having pre-menstrual tantrums when she played Satan in the upcoming film ‘The Devil And Daniel Webster.’ “I thought Alec Baldwin was crazy when he asked me to play the devil,” Jennifer said. “I was like, ‘Um, I’m so not Satan… I hope.’ I started paying very close attention to myself during PMS and that’s how I found my basics for Satan. So it wasn’t as hard as I first thought.”

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