Jennifer Love Hewitt Is No Pushover (WENN) reports got into an altercation at the World Music Awards earlier this year, when she saw that a photographer began pestering her, Shaggy, and Mark McGrath who were getting into a limo. Love Hewitt explained, “He was yelling at us for not looking at him! And Mark and Shaggy didn’t do anything – they just kind of looked at me like, ‘Oh my God! The nerve of this guy!’ So out of nowhere, I took my hand, and with all my might, I shoved the photographer in the stomach and out of the limo!”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Set For Mediocre Debut

October 14, 2002 – Early numbers in from suggest Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘Barenaked’ will sell somewhere in the range of only 30-35,000 copies. With half the numbers in, she’s set to debut at only #36. Bon Jovi looks set to top the charts with around 170-180,000 sales of ‘Bounce’.

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