Jennifer Love Hewitt On TRL – Again Sans Carson

Jennifer Love Hewitt stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to promote her new album ‘Barenaked’, which hits stores on Tuesday. Again TRL conveniently had someone other than Carson Daly hosting, even though Love Hewitt had told that she and Daly are on good terms. Love Hewitt admits she’s nervous about how the new album will do, and she calmed her nerves by doing a karaoke performance of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Here we go they say love makes the world go around when it comes to that my first guest is no exception please welcome Jennifer Love Hewitt everyone.


Jennifer: Hi!

Damien: You kinda bolted in here are you nervous.

Jennifer: I get nervous walkin’ because in class I was afraid I would fall down has, has.

Damien: Your movie and Jackie Chan’s “Tuxedo” kick’s ass and your album comes out called “BareNaked” are you anxious.

Jennifer: I am. A little nervous. I hope you guys will buy a copy


Damien: What is it like, some insight into it?

Jennifer: It’s pretty rock ‘n roll with a bit of soul in there. I grew up listening to Al Greene and stuff so it has fun to it but s good pop record it’s nice.

Damien: Very cool called “BareNaked” you have the honor of being on the cover of “Rolling Stone”, this is huge.

Jennifer: Huge.

Damien: And you are actually, well kind of bare naked. Were you bare naked we’ll take a peek at this thing right here, let’s look at this.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Damien: Can we roll that down you already saw it. Was that kind of nerve-racking for you to be completely — I mean I haven’t done many naked photo shoots?

Jennifer: It was strange to not being pants. It was strange to be ni undies, very breezy.

Damien: Very good.

Jennifer: Yes, I had fun.

Damien: We’ll talk more with you about your album.

Jennifer: Right.

Damien: After no. 10 here we go premiered the No Doubt album this summer finally they did it, premiering with “Underneath it All” here at 10 on MTV


Damien: No. 10 no doubt “underneath it all” actually they kick off their fall tour Wednesday in St. Paul Minnesota and Joel from Good Charlotte do you like them.

Jennifer: Yes, I do.

Damien: Actually kickin’ off three dates with no doubt of course I’m talkin’ about Jennifer Love Hewitt “BareNaked” out to welcome nosh.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Damien: Our fourth album, your most personal because you actually co-wrote most of the songs on the album. Are you excited about that?

Jennifer: Yeah. Being an entertainer people learn most what they know about you by magazine articles and things like this so to actually sit down and write what’s really me is exciting.

Damien: Unfiltered.

Jennifer: It is nice. I hope people like me a bit better and like me when the record is done, ha-ha.

Damien: That would be nice. You reveal a lot of yourself like think you just said people on T.V. Watch you and get a certain impression and see you in a movie with a certain impression. This is completely unfiltered what ma you wt to take that chance, that you should be doing this at this point in your life.

Jennifer: I love music singing is my first love and I think as young people it is really important to remember any time we have something important to say we should say it and we can say it and that’s the great thing about being young and alive and humans and all of that great stuff so I just kind of had stuff I wanted to say and I love music.

Damien: And life is too short.

Jennifer: Definitely, yeah.

Damien: We did some research on you and realized one of your favorite past times or things to do is actually karaoke.

Jennifer: I’m obsessed.

Damien: You are wow?


Jennifer: I love it. I have D.V.D.S, karaoke D.V.D.S at home I’m a nerd.

Damien: By yourself.

Jennifer: Yeah, nobody sings with me but I do it anyway, yeah.

Damien: I have friends who drink alone but this is along the same lines.

Jennifer: Yes, karaokeing alone is sad.

Damien: Could we doe here, would you be okay with that.

Jennifer: Yes.

Damien: What’s your favorite.

Jennifer: I always sing “i will survive” Gloria Ganor.

Damien: Can you roll that down, Jeff.

Jennifer: I was petrified kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side and I spent so many hits thinkin’ how you did me wrong and I grew strong and learned ho get along now you’re back from outer space I just walked in to find you hear with that sad look upon your face I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key if I have known for just one second you’d be back to bother me oh, now go walk out the door.

Damien: Very nice, very nice that’s enough that was great you could
tell were you a pro and do by yourself at h

Jennifer: Thank you.

Damien: Thanks for hangin’ out.

Jennifer: Thanks for havin’ me.

Damien: Back to your requests, Jennifer Love Hewitt “BareNaked” of course hits stores tomorrow, go buy it.

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