Jennifer Love Hewitt Prefers Coca-Cola To Sex

The Scottish Daily Record reports Jennifer Love Hewitt is hooked on Coca-Cola. She said, “I’m obsessed with Coca-Cola. I drink too much of it. And I’ll eat any ice cream, but my favorite is Cookies ‘n’ Cream.” Asked if sex or Coke was more important to her, she responded, “Coke. I cannot live without Coke, but I can live without sex.”

We May See Love Hewitt On ‘Last Call’ Someday

October 5, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt tells that she and former boyfriend Carson Daly are on good terms. “I actually ran into Carson at the [MTV Video Music Awards], and it was OK,” she says. “He’s been amazingly supportive of the record and really likes it. He was always supportive of my musical stuff, even when we were together. He’s somebody I will think very fondly of and care about and would do anything in the world for if he needed me. The idea of seeing him and being on his show … doesn’t feel weird to me at all. I actually welcome it.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt A Fan Of Britain

October 4, 2002 – Jennifer Love Hewitt is a big fan of England. “I don’t really know all about bad teeth, but I’ve been to Britain and I had the best time,” she said, according to “In fact, I’m going to film a movie there later this year, a romantic drama I’m doing with my production company that is set in London.”

The singer and actress is also a fan of the country’s airlines – Virgin and British Airways because “they give you pajamas. I love that.”

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