Jennifer Love Hewitt To Pose In Playboy?

Jennifer Love Hewitt may soon be a centerfold, sources tell Star magazine. “Jennifer has received some really big-bucks offers for years from magazines, including Playboy, to pose nude,” but she has always laughed off the idea, a friend explained. So why the sudden change of heart? “She told me that maybe a sexy magazine layout with her showing her assets might give her a little edgier image and she might be considered for a femme fatale role,” the pal explained.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Engaged… On ‘Garfield 2’

December 16, 2005 – In ‘Garfield 2’, a sequel to the 2004 hit movie in which Jennifer Love Hewitt and Breckin Meyer get engaged. “We get engaged and it is very exciting,” Jennifer tells ‘Entertainment Tonight’. “I have never been proposed to before, so I am going to take the footage to my house. In case it doesn’t happen for real, I can look at it and go, ‘At least once I was proposed to.'”

Why Jennifer Love Hewitt Returned To The Small Screen

November 14, 2005 – OK! magazine caught up with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a Q&A and asked the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ star why she chose to go back and do a television series as opposed to films. “It was a really tough decision,” she said. “For me the key was finding amazing writing, a great character, and something that would draw my passion out as much as ‘Party of Five’ did. And also, I’m 26 and I get to have a life now. I get to do what I love, but I also get to hang out with my friends on the weekend. I get to have a dog if I want one, and I get to feel like I’m actually living my 20s.”

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt To Pose In Playboy?

  1. Minxy says:

    or maybe she’s realized no one really likes her and her career is in a nose dive and so craves any attention she can get. Just a thought.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most bland celebrities out there. She’s always just…there. I don’t think Playboy would really do that much for her.

  3. ImHere says:

    This is the most ridiculous RUMOR I’ve ever heard it makes me laugh. She recently said something to the affect of, being an adult isn’t about shocking people, this would shock people…it’s not Love. I think it must be one man’s wishes to see this happen.

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