Jenny Frost Slams ‘Boring’ Avril Lavigne

The Mirror reports Atomic Kitten babe has branded rival as the most boring celebrity she’s ever met. She said of the Canadian rocker, “ could seriously do with some happy pills.”

Avril Lavigne Says War Is Stupid And Sad

April 8, 2003 – Avril Lavigne weighed in on the U.S. led invasion of Iraq on MTV earlier today. She said, “It’s obvious war is stupid and like innocent people get killed. And I think it’s — you know, people just need to get on the same page and just like @!#$#@ out. But everyone is just being dumb and dealing with it I think in the wrong way. But I don’t have that much to say, because I don’t know all that much, but I think it’s horrible. I think it’s sad and like that’s very true of course.”

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