Jenny Frost Slams ‘Boring’ Avril Lavigne

The Mirror reports Atomic Kitten babe Jenny Frost has branded rival as the most boring celebrity she’s ever met. She said of the Canadian rocker, “Avril Lavigne could seriously do with some happy pills.”

Says War Is Stupid And Sad

April 8, 2003 – weighed in on the U.S. led invasion of Iraq on MTV earlier today. She said, “It’s obvious war is stupid and like innocent people get killed. And I think it’s — you know, people just need to get on the same page and just like @!#$#@ out. But everyone is just being dumb and dealing with it I think in the wrong way. But I don’t have that much to say, because I don’t know all that much, but I think it’s horrible. I think it’s sad and like that’s very true of course.”

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