Jen’s Hurt By Britney’s Engagement!

Contributed Anonymously:

Dear ,

I am writing on behalf of your friends who are too afraid to tell you the truth. Although we haven’t met, I feel like we could be friends and
I just have to intervene here… This engagement to Kevin Federline is a bad idea.

I am hoping these questions will at least make you think about the decision you are about to make. Are the qualities of Kevin really those of
Someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with? You could choose practically any man in the world to marry – why choose one whose character is so flawed?

Will he be in the lives of the two children he shares with ? And if so, will you be able to share in his life with his children?
How will your relationship go with her? You are about to be the step mother of her children now, right?

If you are ready to settle down with one guy, that’s fine, we all understand that. But why this guy? You deserve so much better! You deserve someone to sweep you off your feet, not someone who you have to bail out of their rent eviction notice! Even if you are in the infatuation stage, you have to see that he is kind of white trash.

You have worked so hard on your image and you have earned the sexual goddess title, the envy of all of us! Why bother being a goddess if you can just give it up to this joker? Who will be envious of that?? We all thought you were the next , an even younger, hipper version. Well, you may as well be as washed up as J-Lo if you marry this kid. She’s just an over-married Jenny from the block. You’ll be barefoot Britney from the Trailer Park. Mark my words, he will single-handedly knock you off your pedestal.

And why not wait a while?? You have known him for two months! Will Kevin sign a pre-nuptial agreement? Do you really want this kid to have access to the fortune that you and your family have worked so hard for?

Plus, do you think he’ll stay with you forever? His track record is one of irresponsibility – and not just a little bit – HE LEFT THE MOTHER OF
HIS CHILDREN WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT! How much lower than scum can you get? Why wouldn’t he do it with you?! He obviously has no respect for women! Not even his daughter!

I wish you had real girlfriends to set you straight. I know you have been famous for a while and you hang out with your Mom and sister a lot. But it’s time for your old school girlfriends to set you straight. You need to sit with your best real life friends, get lots of drinks and let them unload about this before you make a decision you will regret. If
You don’t have great girlfriends, just let me know, I can round up a few awesome women for you.

Listen, in closing, just take a step back and get a little perspective. This is your one life. Don’t let this guy ruin it.

Your friend, sort of,

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