Jeremy Greene In The Studio Recording ‘Rain’

Jeremy Greene in the studioA behind-the-scenes look at in the studio recording his single ‘Rain’ has been posted at the Waterville, Maine pop singer’s MySpace TV channel.

“It’s a blessing man, to even get this far, to be in this room,” Greene says in the clip. “I guess it all started when I started writing my own stuff and Tobin [Watkinson] hit me up on MySpace and said call me immediately, so I called him like 10 seconds later, literally. We got on the phone and started chopping it up, and he asked me to send him some records. I sent him like 10 records. Everybody seemed to like it I guess. So I got signed and here I am, working on this. I mean, it’s been like 10 years trying to get a deal. And finally the day I signed, literally I was out here the next day with a single.”

Watch the clip below.

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