Jermaine Dupri On Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears

AOL Music’s The Boombox spoke with Jermaine Dupri in Q&A, where the rapper/producer offered some additional commentary on , a source of controversy in his autobiography ‘Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul’. “The stars today aren’t as bright as the stars that we grew up on. And this goes into the Justin Timberlake part that’s in my book that everybody keeps complaining about and saying that I have a beef with him. I don’t have a beef with him,” JD said. “It’s unfortunate that I had to point the finger at him, but he’s one of the people that everybody looks at as one of today’s stars. And they’re comparing him to yesterday’s stars so much, and my opinion of that is he doesn’t have the appeal of the people they compare him to. And I think that’s where people get misconstrued.”

Dupri also weighed in on the former *NSYNC star’s ex girlfriend . “I don’t believe that Britney Spears is as crazy as people think she is. I believe that what she’s doing is creating an image for herself so that she can be the new Madonna of today’s world,” he suggested. “I don’t believe she’s that crazy to put on super-red wigs and get in her car and let the paparazzi film her. I believe she understands the power of who she is right now, and every time she’s out she’s giving us a different look, whether it’s a different wig, bald head, whatever it is. People that are crazy they don’t think about stuff like that. They just move and go on with their life. And to me she’s walking the line of what I would probably be telling her to do, because that’s artist development, because you are trying to find yourself. You’re not just looking like Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera. She is her own person now and she’s breaking away from everybody.”

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