Jermaine & Jackie Jackson Speak Out On Michael’s Plight

Police mocked and bruised a “very fragile” when the pop star was booked last month on child molestation allegations, his brother Jermaine told ABC News’ Barbara Walters. “For someone to turn himself in willingly, you should not have put handcuffs on him. And to handcuff him from the back, it was really bad,” Jermaine Jackson, 49, said in an exclusive interview airing Friday night at 10 p.m. on ’20/20′. “He’s very fragile, so they bruised certain body parts,” Jermaine said. “He had to use the restroom. And then they had mentioned they had locked him in there, and said, ‘How does it smell in there?’ And it wasn’t too clean at all. They were making fun.” Authorities in Santa Barbara, Calif., have denied mistreating Jackson.

Poundstone Won’t Go After Jackson In Comedy Act

December 18, 2003 – Paula Poundstone, who pleaded no contest to child endangerment two years ago, won’t go anywhere near accused child molester in her act. “I don’t find pleasure in someone else’s demise,” she told The New York Post. “It may be a newfound position. I hope I wasn’t too mean before, but I’m not going to carry the torch up the hill going after the Frankenstein monster. It’s yucky.”

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